Coffee…just coffee….mmm


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This morning I awoke to the sounds of birds… drifting in through my window like a gentle alarm. the house was quiet, so I made my way to the kitchen…The art of making coffee is so sensual to me..running the water over my hand before I fill the kettle, then placing the fully kettle on the burner…I like to let the kettle boil so I can hear the whistle sound, then pouring the bubbling water over the fresh, organic, fair trade coffee…

I first soak the coffee, smelling the aroma, then continue to pour the water slowly, watching the water as it transforms itself effortlessly into coffee…I like to sprinkle a dash of cardamon into the coffee for flavour. Once I pour the coffee into my cup, I add vanilla extract and cream with a tiny splash of maple syrup…the first sip is always the most satisfying…mmm…gotta love morning coffee!

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