New beginnings…


My little river...
For those of you who I have a close connectionw ith, I thought I would update you on my recent travels… My large family and I packed up 6 suitcases, 6 duffle bags, 6 backpacks and whatever would fit in my little smart car…We shed many layers of materialism by giving away the rest of our belongings to those in need of more stuff:-)

I flew with 3 of my four children, my little dog, Nestle, and our 10 year old seasoned travelling cat, Salla. We traveled via a “red eye” flight…never before understood why they called it a red eye flight…I had visions of the kids and I sleeping calmly while flying across Canada..think again, now I understand:-)

We landed, gathered all of our belongings and were greeted by some of our closest family members. Have to say, it was nice to reconnect. At the moment we are visiting my mom and my step dad… My hubby and our oldest son just arrived with our puppy in the smart car this morning at around 2 am. Poor guy drove right past my little home town by at least 45 minutes after driving for four days without much rest.

He back tracked and made his way safely into the comfort of my arms just before totally cracking:-) Later this week we wil make our way to the Ottawa Valley to check out our newly acquired 10 acre property!!!! That will be exciting… We may purchase a yurt or a couple of tipis and really rough it this winter, or some other opportunity may open up, but we ar happy to be back home and near family again, although I am already mising my west coast sista and her fam…

Staring out into my mom’s garden filled flowers, bees buzzing by, and across the road to the river I grew up on brings a nostalgic feeling to my heart…I feel like a child in a woman’s body… it’s nice to feel the spark of curiosity once again…even considering setting up a tipi as my new office space…a kind of going back to the womb experience! Who knows, so much time, so many possibilities…life is full and magnificent!

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