Goddess riding bare back….


Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride a “green broke” horse, Prince Caspian…. He has been lunged with a lariette (bucking rope) earlier in the week and has one or two rides on him… no one was around to lunge him, but I wanted to ride, so decided to give it a whirl… he is a Percheron cross, so much larger than your average horse….

I managed to get my left foot high enough to mount without the mounting block, but it was quite a stretch…pun intended:-) Once I got up there, I had the most incredible energy flowing through my body… there was a storm on the horizon, which was bothersome to Caspian…. I tried to soothe his concerns, but to no avail…

He gave me a bit of a scare, but I was able to calm things down without getting into too much mischief… As i rode through the trees, I felt the most powerful energy pulsing thorugh my body… The feeling of letting go and being one with an animal of such magnitude is entirely humbling… if he chose to dump me, it would take the effort of a human slapping a fly…

Luckily fo rme, we managed to communicate through body language and my calming, yet firm voice and found ourselves connected… when on a creature of such elegance and brute force…. once must submit yet take control at once… Back in my day, I was a voltage stunt rider… who knows… maybe I’ll find the courage within to try some voltage once Caspian is fully trained:-)

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