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The Saucy Survey: Thank you to The for caring enough about sexuality to conduct this survey!!!!

“In autumn 2005 we asked you about your sexual experiences and opinions. Here’s what you told us about what you like, where you’re doing it and your general attitudes towards sex.

The basics
•Over 300 people took part in the survey
•18-19 year olds were the best represented age group
•Two-thirds of the respondents were women
•About 6% of those taking part were under 16 and another 17% were over 25
•The largest percentage of people responding lived in the South East
Oral sex
One of the first areas we asked you about was oral sex. 37% of respondents like to receive while a generous 29% prefer to give. A healthy 28% enjoy oral sex in the form of 69 while a modest 6% are likely to run away at the mere mention of it.

Top ten strangest places for sex
•In public
•On/In a car
•Public transport
•Someone else’s bed
•My own bed
•At work
•Car park

If these locations don’t sound adventurous enough then how does an elevator in Hilton Park Lane, a Toys R Us loading bay, or a busy swimming pool sound? That’s right – they were some of the more unusual answers we had.

Does size matter?
53% of respondents really aren’t bothered about the size of a man’s penis, while 26% believe that girth matters more than length. On the other hand, a brutal 20% think that size does matter and would agree with the argument that anyone who says otherwise is either lying or has a small cock.

Should fantasies come true?

•Fantasies are best just as that: 27%
•I’m not sure: 50%
•The sooner the better: 24%
Sex aids
We gave you a list of popular aphrodisiacs along with a few suspect suggestions to see how you would rate them. Unsurprisingly, champagne and chocolate came up trumps with the former reaping in 39% of the vote and the latter 37%. Drugs came in at third place with 9% of the vote and we can imagine the pound signs glinting in the eyes of the 7% who believe that money is the best aphrodisiac. White Lightening, oysters, cheese and asparagus were also in the running winning a combined total of 9% of the vote.

We also wanted to know whether you are using sex toys. 14% actually believe that sex toys are an essential part of their sex lives, while a wholesome 48% are using them now and again. A combined sex toy shy 32% have never tried using them or never wanted to try them and 4% have found them disappointing.

Favourite sexual positions

•Doggy: 35%
•Him on top: 20%
•Her on top: 20%
•Girls legs over boys shoulders: 8%

It wasn’t always the anwers respondents gave about their favourite sexual position that caught our attention, but the way they were phrased. One women answered: “I’m just grateful for anything me,” while another said: “man-on top – I’m essentially lazy.” The mens’ responses were equally honest (and amusing). One man’s favourite position was: “The one where I get laid,” while another’s was “The plumber: stay in all day and no one comes.”

Favourite time of the day for sex

•Evening: 40%
•Middle of the night: 25%
•Morning: 22%
•Afternoon: 11%
•Lunchtime: 1%
Sex with an ex
Is it a good idea? 41% believe that it’s a mistake to go back while 36% think that it’s better than having a one-night stand. 16% would be quite happy to have an ex as a ‘fuck buddy’ while another 7% say it would only remind them of why they dumped their ex.

Sex on a first date?

•No way: 43%
•When the mood or the booze takes me: 40%
•Only if I’m certain there will be a second date: 17%
Sexual behaviour
We wanted to get an idea whether more people are dominant or submissive in the bedroom. The majority (80%) were actually a bit of both while 13% claimed to be submissive and a much smaller number (7%) consider themselves to be the master.

In terms of bedroom etiquette, 68% believe that standards shouldn’t drop in the bedroom while a more relaxed 32% are happy to let it all out – parp!

Who should bring the protection?

•Both of us: 79%
•Me: 8%
•Them: 8%
•I don’t use protection: 4%
Shaggable celebs
According to men the most desirable celebrity is Keira Knightley with 8% of men wanting to have sex with her. But in second place, Angelina Jolie is the true winner in our eyes. This is because she also came in at fifth place on the women’s list of shaggable celebrities. The celebrity that women would most like to have sex with is Johnny Depp with 15% of the vote, closely followed by Brad Pitt who is favoured by 10% of women.

Men’s top five shaggable celebs

•Keira Knightly
•Angelina Jolie
•Elisha Cuthbert
•Jessica Alba
•Kate Beckinsale
Women’s top five shaggable celebs

•Johnny Depp
•Brad Pitt
•Robbie Williams
•Colin Farrel
•Angelina Jolie”

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