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Hello beautiful people,

So sorry for the delay…as many of you already know, I was living as a back to the lander with no internet access! While it was both lovely and romantic, I am now back online for good! So, the topic today is…new blog topics….

What I want to know from you is this: What do you want to know about? Do you want to be entertained, or to learn, how do you want to be entertained and what do you want to learn about? I am creating a poll…if you want to have involvement in this process, please participate!

Muah, Joy!

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  1. Missed Out says:

    What I would very much like to see, is you combine your wealth of experience in tantra massages with your exceptional erotic writing skills, by taking real-life tantra sessions that have stood out for you and turn them into erotic stories. Change the names, of course, but “based on a true story” is always more enticing than fiction.

    P.S. I changed my name for anonimity. I chose Missed Out because I missed out on you before you moved out east, much to my chagrin, so that is my new title on your site.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I sincerely appreciate your feedback..I was just thinking that I hope this does not remain a one way dialogue:-) Some of what I write is fiction, some is not. I will think about your request. Thanks so much for interacting with me Missed Out:-) From my heart to yours, Joy

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