Tantric Orgasm For Women


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I have been meaning to send a link to this incredible book: Tantric Orgasm for Womento a number of you! So many people have asked me for a good book on Tantra for Women. This is definitely one of them. My lover bought me this book for Christmas many years ago. Honestly, it has been a very long time since I have read it, possibly time for a re-read, but I highly recommend for women and those of you who love women.

The author, Diana Richardson, has written Tantric Orgasm for Women from a female perspective, which I personally love:-) This is an especially wonderful book for women who are struggling with achieving an orgasm (either from penetration or during masturbation). If I remember correctly, I skimmed through some sections, yet read every word of others, soaking up the wisdom and Tantric knowledge….all in all a good read!

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