Yab Yum Sex Position


Yab Yum Sex Position

The yab yum is one of my favourite sex positions…

Begin by having your man sit on a firm, flat surface (bed, massage table, etc.).
Have him loosely cross his legs into a standard sitting position (also known as the
half-lotus position).

Ladies, you will be sitting on your man’s lap facing him. Your legs
straddle his waist, coming around him so that your feet meet behind his back.

If your lover is not fully erect, you can gently kiss him, play with his Lingam (penis)
or find other interesting ways to bring him to full attention. When he is erect, insert his
Lingam (penis) into your Yoni (vagina) by raising your hips up off your lover just far enough for him to
gently penetrate you.

Increase closeness and intimacy by wrapping your arms around each other in a loving embrace.
Your faces can be close enough that you are able to kiss and feel each others’ breath.
Play around with this position until you find what works for both of you.

Begin gently making love, increasing the intensity as your arousal builds. Both of you can move your
hips freely to accomplish this in the Yab-Yum position. Ladies, if you are able to lean back and arch
your back, supporting your weight by placing your hands behind you, you may be able to feel your
lovers’ Lingam igniting the passion in your g-spot.

The Bottom Line: Tantra is meant to be fun, playful, and sensual…it is
important that both partners are comfortable in mind, body, and spirit.
Please be patient with yourself and your partner. Try not to be goal oriented
and never attempt a position that causes either you or your partner discomfort.
Have fun!

From my heart to yours, Joy

p.s. Check back later tonight…I will write about this same position from a more erotic perspective….

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    Nice and very useful idea !

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