Sacred Sexuality by Molly Kaye


I thought this article, written by Molly Kaye (who experienced a couple’s session with me and then wrote about it for Focus Magazine) might help clarify my personal and professional approach to Tantra….

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Sacred Sexuality

When we enter into a romantic partnership, we feast on those luscious, nourishing fruits of love: closeness, affection, excitement, and blissful satisfaction. Over time, without tending, that which was once a loving relationship can deteriorate into a bitter harvest: conflict, misunderstanding, disappointment and resentment. To keep our heart connections flowering, we must honor and feed deep connection on all levels: emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual.

Personally, I’ve had my fill of soul-puckering bitterness, so I decided to focus on integrated, healthy connection in my current relationship. I had heard the word “Tantra” before, and gleaned that it had something to do with finding a “sacred connection,” but didn’t really know what that involved or where to begin. So I arranged for my partner and I to have a Tantra session with Joy Nelson, an experienced Tantra educator, who recently moved from Salt Spring Island with her husband and their four young children.

The first thing we appreciated about Joy was her gentle frankness, her willingness to speak directly and compassionately to us about intimacy in all its forms. Clearly, her devotion is to bring healing to those who may be struggling with frustration, fear, or confusion around sex within themselves and with their partners–and enjoyment to those who long for rich, meaningful, soul-warming sex. “The mission of my practice, Shaktara Healing Arts, is to promote healthy and joyous expression of sensual energy, deep intimacy with oneself and another, and an understanding of love and sex as a natural part of life,” She explains.

“Through Tantra, I discovered a holistic approach to living life that meshes ancient wisdom, modern wisdom, and our body’s wisdom,” she continues. “As our mind, bodies, and spirits begin to heal, our hearts open to receive pleasure in life, love, and during our sexual experiences. It is my true passion to assist individuals, whether on their own or as a couple, on their path to sensual awakening.”

When asked if sexuality is sacred, spiritual icon Deepak Chopra explains, “[Tantra] says that when you experience intense passion or excitement, it’s the energy of the divine, the creative force of the universe expressing itself both as sex and spirituality. Unfortunately, Western culture doesn’t teach us to honour our sexual energy. We need to restore our sense of reverence for all expressions of the life force, including sexuality.”

“Before our sessions, I was unable to enjoy life or experience pleasure, “says T, one of Joy’s clients in Victoria, BC. “What she has done not only for me, but my partner as well, is truly amazing! She was right, I am truly free!” Another long-time couple who live in Vancouver report that “Joy’s skill, gentle touch, and compassionate yet sensual techniques changed everything. Our sex life has never been this amazing! Seriously, thank you!

As for my own experience, our relaxed and stimulating four-hour session with Joy left us with full hearts and laughing, newly inspired and more aligned with each other in profound ways. We both found Joy’s wisdom, gentle guidance and clear communication led us easily to a deeper understanding of how to nourish and sustain our union. And what could be more sacred that that?

Focus Magazine Article

Written by Mollie Kaye

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