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How aware are you of your sexual energy? How many times a day do you think about sex? Compare that to how many times a day you think specifically of your sexual energy. Have you ever directed your sexual energy? If you are interested in connecting with your sexual energy, you can try the following simple exercise.

While standing in a hot shower, glide your hands gently across your body. Feel your skin, run your hands through your hair…See if you become aware of your sexual energy. What colour pops into your mind if you think of your sexual energy? For me, it’s red most days, although it changes day to day…continue exploring your body in the shower, while imagining that your sexual energy is awakening and your passion igniting.

At first, you may feel your sexual energy mainly in your erogenous zones, but as you continue to focus, you may feel the energy moving through your entire body. The more you practice, the more in touch with your sexual energy you will become. If you feel your arousal building, give yourself permission to explore your erogenous zones.

You may even feel the urge to masturbate, which is fine, especially when you first begin to explore your sexual energy. Be aware of your energy throughout the entire process. Do you feel any blocks? Are there any particular emotions that arise? If you feel any negative emotions or blocks, explore them deeper. An example may be shame, especially if you have ever been criticized for self exploration or masturbating.

If there is any negativity at all, decide what you would like to replace the negativity with…bliss, joy, happiness, sexual fulfillment, acceptance, etc. It is important for you choose your own positive self expression. As you continue to explore your body, place one hand on your pelvis and one hand on your heart. Imagine that you are able to draw energy from one hand to the other and then throughout your entire body….

As the water flows over your beautiful body, imagine it is washing away any negativity and drawing healthy and respectful sexual expression and self exploration into your mind, body and spirit. Sexual joy is our birth given right…your birth given right. If you choose to experience an orgasm as a part of this process, focus on your sexual energy, channeling it through your body, building towards your orgasm, then draw back, breathe deeply, and feel your energy…

The more times you are able to draw yourself closer to an orgasm, then draw back, then build, then draw back, then build….the more in touch with your energy you will become and the more blissful your orgasm will be….as you release, imagine your energy flowing through you…you can choose to release the energy, especially if you are working through a sexual block, or you can imagine drawing the energy back through your body…or, if you have a lover, you can send it to them….

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