New Sex Position!!! Pray With Me


Okay, maybe pray with me is a slightly controversial title for a sex position, but that’s what I’m going to call it….Just as my lover fell asleep last night, he placed his hand gently on my inner thigh…it was enough to peak my interest…I figured that, if he was fully asleep, giving his manhood a gentle squeeze wouldn’t do any harm… but that’s all it took to begin a nearly all night love making session…

We began in our favourite version of the spoon, moved into the missionary and then ended up somehow merging into the reversed cowgirl…

Sex Position: Reverse Cowgirl

While in this position, which we tend to do fairly regularly, I found myself desiring a deeper groove that would stimulate my g-spot…so I adjusted my body slightly to match the angle of my lover’s penis..then I tucked my feet under my buttocks, bringing my body down towards our bed…my breasts rocked gently across my lover’s legs, my forehead touching the bed and my arms stretched out in front of my as if I was in the middle of a prostration…
Prayer: Prostration

Oh my, the combination of the humble yet fully exposed position…the spiritual aspect combined with the stimulation of a new discovery and the perfect balance between deep penetration and g-spot stimulation was well…simply amazing if I do say so myself…Someone on my facebook commented on this position. He said that he loves to massage his lover before and during making love in this position. He mentioned how the male body is the altar for sensual prayer…beautiful.

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