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As spring is beginning to unfold in front of our eyes, I can’t help thinking of swimming. Swimming is truly one of my favourite past times. I realize I wrote about this topic last year, but I want to remind you all of the Ladies of The Lake. They are an inspiring group of women who use beautiful nude photos to bring awareness to the issues facing Lake Simcoe.

Lake Simcoe holds a special place in my heart. From the time I was just 4 years old, I lived by the lake, swimming until I was shivering and turning blue most summer days. The first home I owned was a mere 50′ from the high water mark of Lake Simcoe. We built a 100′ long dock over the lake…It was so beautiful. I used to sit quietly contemplating life while sipping my coffee on the dock.

In the winter time, the ice huts would pop up like a little village. Our friends would race their snowmobiles cross the lake in front of our home, driving on and off the lake onto our property as though it was the most natural thing in the world. I love fishing, but ice fishing is such an unique experience. Once, while riding on the back of my friend’s snowmobile, we got caught on a pressure crack as it opened…

I was on the back of the snowmobile, which was tipping into the ice. It was terrifying, yet exhilerating. We made it out okay, but I have never forgotten the true power nature has over us. Lake Simcoe always brought me such intense joy and happiness. If you have a moment, take the time to check out the Ladies of the Lake project. I am deeply inspired by the brave actions they have taken to ensure the health and wellness of our lake.

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  1. Thank you for this post…it seems almost like a synchronicity as I watched the film ‘The Edge’ last night with Anthony Hopkins (I recommend it if you have not seen it) and was quite overcome by the beautiful scenery (filmed in Alberta I believe) as well as the story line of men trying to cope with suddenly being plunged into nature.
    After watching it I made a pact with myself to visit more naturally beautiful places such as these….and now you introduce me to Lake Simcoe, which I will admit I had to check on Google Maps for the location. It does look wonderful and maybe one to put on the list, and well done to the Ladies of the Lake for their work. The beauty of nature can never be under-estimated and often you need a jolt to get out and see some of these amazing places and feel in touch with the planet, which lives and breathes so beautifully and majestically, making human life appear so tiny is comparison.
    I loved the story of the sounds amazing. I am pleased you made it out okay.
    I’ve been in similar situations with nature, but most have been swimming in the sea and under-estimating the strength of the current. It just makes me wish I was a better swimmer 🙂

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen The Edge, but I’ll have to watch it. I am truly a nature chick:-) I love mother earth and have lived in a variety of “back to the land” situations. So far I’ve tried yurt and tipi living, long term tenting, living in an off grid cabin and my lover and I renovated a school house on an acreage property into a beautiful homestead.

      Believe it or not, when I was 21, I was a general contractor and the owner/operator of Deep Woods Construction. My company built the lake house that I mentioned in the above post. I personally designed it one on one with the architect. It was incredibly empowering to be a part of the building of your own home. Sitting on the dock watching the sunrise and set was so peaceful.

      If you are seeking beautiful places to visit, I recommend one of my favourite places, Salt Spring Island, BC. There is a clothing optional beach on Weston Lake. It is a wonderfully freeing feeling to shed our outer ware and find our inner selves. One afternoon while I was swimming at Weston Lake on a particularly crowded day, I noticed a rather large woman approaching the beach. I looked around at all of the tourists (I lived on SSI for over 3 years and over time, you know who is local and who is a tourist:-). The woman strutted herself down to the edge of the beach and confidently shed her clothing…

      I marveled at her brazen beauty! The tourists sheltered their children’s eyes and walked around looking stunned and shocked. That moment was one of the reasons I loved Salt Spring so much. She inspired me to shed my clothing and join her on her swim, which I normally wouldn’t do when there were tourists present. Nudity and nature are such an incredibly powerful combination.

      As for the snowmobile incident, it was actually quite dangerous, but I was only 16 or 17 at the time, so I didn’t take in the seriousness of the situation, I just thought of it as a good story to tell:-)

      Shungo, Joy

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