What Really Makes Me Hot!


My absolute number one turn on….watching my lover cook a delicious meal:-) I am one hundred percent serious. This post was actually my lover’s idea. I was trying to think of something to write about and he said what about non-sexual aphrodesiacs. At first I didn’t get what he meant, so he elaborated. He said so many guys are thinking about what happens in the bedroom that they don’t realize how important what happens out of the bedroom is. He admitted that if he wants to have really hot sex with me, he cooks Indian food. His message to you: if you want to get some, you have to find your lover’s non-sexual turn ons.

I have to say, I hadn’t really thought about it, but there is something so primal about watching him cook. I like to sit back with a glass of Shiraz, listening to singer song writer radio on Pandora and just watch him in the kitchen. The mixing, pouring, tasting, it’s all so incredibly sexy! Not to mention the core message is that we are equals and that he cares enough to put in the extra effort to make a truly beautiful and tasty meal for me! It’s really funny, but I can’t think of anything that leads us towards better sex. Well, I suppose the only way to create a more sensual evening would be to top it off with a Tantric massage.

The Bottom Line: good meal + nice glass of wine+ soak in the tub + candles + Tantric massage = mind blowing sex that the toughest man would beg for.

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  1. What a wonderful perspective and a great insight from your partner.
    I must admit that things that do arouse in me special feelings when I have been with a partner has been when she has shown moments of caring, empathy and a beautiful femininity – which may only mean that she has picked up a child that is not necessarily her own and held it as if it was her own (I guess there has to be a primal message there), also when seeing her perhaps cry at a romantic movie and I have been touched.
    I have never thought of this before. Thanks again for such an insight.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I entirely agree. I realized today that I never use my husband’s name:-) His birth given name is Mountain. I always clarify because people assume it is not his “real name” but it is! He has an incredibly beautiful and compassionate mother who wanted him to have a name to live up to. I am positive that it is part of the reason he is so insightful.

      I am so pleased to hear that you learned something about yourself from this post! That is precisely what I wish for this blog…to assist myself and others on their path to self discovery!

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