pad thai + happy friday (via noodle 'n thread)


Having four kids means that I have spent much of my mental energy on ensuring that life is fair and more specifically, that I have no favourites. However, if forced to pick my favourite meal, I would have to say Pad Thai…oh gosh, no sushi, turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, no poutine! Well, I tried! I am going to try this recipe out, thought I would share! Enjoy!

pad thai + happy friday Happy friday, everyone! Don't forget to check out my shop on Etsy today! . . . . . Yep, one of my favorite Thai dishes is pad thai. Preferably with tofu or shrimp. And 3 or 4 stars spicy–depending on the restaurant. We had some pad thai takeout the other night in Auburn, and it was actually decent + cheap. I feel like making pad thai is kind of tricky because of the noodles you're working with and the right kind of sauce. Well, I found a great r … Read More

via noodle 'n thread

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