Sex Position: Connecting


While I have many, many favorite sex positions, this is definitely one of my top 5. I like to call it Mingling or Connecting, but the most common name is Scissors. What makes connecting so incredibly delicious is that, while in this position, the woman can adjust her lover’s leg so that she has full access to her clitoris. When my lover and I are connecting, I like to apply a tiny bit of organic tea seed oil to my pointer and middle finger on my right hand and stimulate myself so that I can experience a clitoris , g-spot and vaginal orgasm simultaneously.

I’m not saying you’ll be able to reach this incredibly intense state of orgasmic bliss during your first connection love-making session, but practice makes perfect!:-) Ensuring that your woman is experiencing pleasurable g-spot stimulation will take a bit of experimentation and communication, especially if you’re new lovers. Ladies, if it feels right, you can also slip a finger or two into yourself, providing you with additional g-spot stimulation, which will feel good for both your yoni and your partner’s lingam. You can also move the top part of your bodies closer together and kiss passionately while experiencing vaginal, clitoral and g-spot stimulation. It’s simply divine, if I do say so myself!

Once my lover and I have climaxed (usually 3 or more times for me and once or twice for him, depending on the mood) we like to lay together chatting, laughing, and connecting emotionally while basking in the afterglow of soulful sex. It is deeply moving and a truly beautiful experience for both of us. This is a position more suited to couples who already have a deep level of intimacy or who want to deepen their intimacy and connection. My advice is to relax, have fun and enjoy!


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  1. e.b. sarver says:

    Nice…one of my top 5 as well! One addition worth mentioning: if the man positions himself just as in the picture, and the woman pulls on his knee, they can adjust themselves such that his Gracilis muscle and its tendon will be positioned directly over the clitoris, providing stimulation. If his inner thighs are lightly oiled, it can enhance the effect. It is quite difficult for the man to do this on his own, but if his partner pulls on his knee steadily, she can usually attain a position that works quite well for clitoral stimulation from his thigh, rather than by her hand or his.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Oh gosh, I love that as well! Brilliant addition! This is why I love comments…..I never would have thought to say that. Thank you so much! From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. A wonderful position, one I love too…so well explained why you love it, and also a lovely insight from eb sarver.
    The picture actually says so much about connection, as both are looking at each other and totally connected. This is a really relaxing position, which requires little effort – but both man and woman can move their body as they feel they want to to either connect more, and also to show how they are feeling.
    A lovely position also for a man to adore his goddesses body and breasts, while also allowing for a deep penetration.
    Beautiful 🙂

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I have such a familiarity with this position as, even if we make love in a plethora of other positions, my lover and I often wind up in this position almost daily. I have never found a picture or drawing that does such an incredible job of capturing the essence of connection and intimacy in this position. Both yours and Ebs additions enhance the post by providing a male perspective. I am deeply grateful to both of you.

  3. One of my our top 2 positions! (girl on top is the other)
    A nice addition, since it is hands free for my wife, she can hold a book of erotica and read out loud as we both fantasize. …or we through a vibrator between us.
    I read an interview with a porn star once and she said that when she is filming, most of her positions are vertical for the camera. But when she is home and with her lover, most of her positions are horizontal, it’s more relaxing.
    I think this is a common position but it does not get a lot of screen time in movies or books, which makes it not so popular in the porn and erotica world today.

    1. Joy says:

      Thank you for sharing! Another example of how media shapes our lives, especially our sex lives!

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