Tantra and Hypnosis for Infertility


While contemplating past clients and various session focuses, I realized I had almost completely forgotten how incredible the combination of hypnotherapy and Tantra is for infertility. Although I am in no way a fertility expert, I do have some relevant experience. I have given birth naturally four times, experienced five miscarriages, worked as a doula, taught joyous birth and hypno-birthing workshops assisted numerous couples on their path to parenthood, and went through the entire process to become a surrogate mother.

From these personal and professional experiences, I have developed a strong belief that the subconscious mind and enhancing our connection to our bodies and our partners positively effects fertility. While seeking an example to highlight, one particular client stands out in my mind. When he first came to me, he claimed that he had booked his session with me to deal with stress. From experience, I know that when someone says that they either need to lose weight or decrease stress, there is often something they may or may not be aware of lurking beneath the surface of their critical thinking filter.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of his and his wife’s personal fertility issues, but the outcome was simply beautiful and incredibly inspiring. Through our work together, which focused on sexual peaking, connecting with his lover, deep breathing, overcoming mental blocks, and forgiveness, his sperm count increased dramatically in a short period of time. I also recommended that the couple let go of their “sex schedule” and be more creative and spontaneous to take some of the pressure off.

They successfully created a life! It was so moving to be an intimate part of their path to pregnancy and beyond. For those of you who function on a more scientific level, you may chalk this experience up to placebo, coincidence, or the simple health benefits of relaxation, but my intuition tells me there is more to it than that. What I love about being a holistic healer is, although we may never know if we had anything to do with the outcome, we are there to see the process unfold. To support and guide. To connect. To personally witness the transformation. It is magical.

Birth is Beautiful

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