The Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Lifestyle Entrepreneur is a term I have been exploring and embracing for a long time. Lifestyle entrepreneurs are empowered individuals who create business opportunities and ventures primarily to create the lifestyle of their dreams. They find something that they are passionate about and turn it into a business so that they are able to work the hours they want, live where they want, and spend time with the people who inspire them.

This morning, after writing about Permaculture and Tantra, I took a walk down memory lane. I was remembering the various ventures I have created or been a part of. Whoosh! I think it may be time to create a lifestyle eco-resume. Beyond the love filled moments and passionate experiences I enjoy, it is the challenges I face and the risks I take that are the most beautiful and educational aspects of my life.

Somehow I imagine that many individuals who read this blog have the entrepreneurial spirit. Have you found a way to turn your passion into a lifestyle business? Are you standing at the edge, waiting to take a leap towards your dreams? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please share! “Dark and Light form a balance. Without the other, Chaos would ensue. The Dark is formed by shadows the Light creates, and if there was no Dark no one would notice the Light.” ~ Veronica Schroers

Let Your Light Shine

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