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In response to Nature Girl’s comment on my Female Ejaculation post, I decided to write a post about the g-spot. Although I am able to take myself to actual orgasm multiple times during one love making or masturbation session, my ability to let go and experience a g-spot or penetrative orgasm appears to be directly connected to not only physical stimulation, but my mood. An example: If the kids are out and my hubby and I have uninterrupted sex, I can easily have multiple orgasms. However, if the kids are in bed, assumed to be asleep, but I hear shuffling around upstairs while making love, it is more challenging for me to let go.

Not sure about you, Nature girl (click here to visit her site-some nudity:), as it is different for each and every woman, but my g-spot has a completely different texture…it feels more like the surface of my tongue with a slightly rougher texture. If I am not fully aroused, it is very sensitive and uncomfortable to touch my g-spot. This illustrates that, for me, a penetrative or g-spot orgasm is both an emotional and physical process. From my orgasmic meditation sessions with female clients, I know this to be true of a high percentage of women. Some people literally feel nothing at all while having their g-spot stimulated, especially if they are not fully relaxed. In fact, from my own ‘hands-on’ research, I actually wonder if it is possible that some women simply do not have a g-spot.

The main reason I focus on the differences between women is because we are not only emotionally unique, we are also anatomically distinct. For women who are first exploring their bodies with a desire to ‘activate’ their g-spot, especially with partners, there can be a lot of pressure. I have researched on the internet, read books, interviewed a plethora of clients and experts and read a large number of research papers on this subject. One doctor, scientist, expert, or woman will say definitively, “g-pots are a myth”, while others may say “I have proven definitively that g-spots exist”. It can be confusing and frustrating for both women and their partners.

I find that it is similar to what a woman experiences during the birth process while birthing in a medical setting. During my first birth, I had just turned 21 years old and went into labour slightly prematurely. Even though I knew I was in labour, the nurse at the hospital did not agree with my self-assessment and refused to call my doctor. She told me that, “young girls in labour do not laugh, walking around eating a hamburger as if they don’t have a care in the world.” She continued to tell me I was not in labour all night, while I laboured. When my doctor arrived in the morning to check me, I was fully dilated! My doctor reprimanded the nurse, telling her that, “while this young woman may be inexperienced, she is in touch with her body, you should have trusted her judgment!”

This experience has always stood out in my mind. This is why, when a woman tells me that she simply does not have a g-spot, I honour her judgment. Heck, she knows her body better than I do. When a woman says “I’m not sure if I have a g-spot, could you please help me find it?” I know that it is possible she will ‘discover or activate’ her g-spot. When a woman is simply unsure, we often successfully discover her g-spot and, over time, she is able to have an orgasm through internal or g-spot stimulation. In most situations where a woman says she does not have a g-spot, but wanted to be sure, we are often unsuccessful. Is this the power of the mind, or an anatomical difference? Who knows?

Well, according to an article: ‘The elusive G spot really does exist, say researchers’ by Ian Sample, a study conducted “by Ultrasound scans revealed clear anatomical differences between women who said they experienced vaginal orgasms and a group of women who did not. The scans identified a region of thicker tissue where the G spot was rumoured to be lurking, which was not visible in the women who had never had a vaginal orgasm.

Doctors at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, where the study was conducted, say the findings make it possible for women to have a rapid test to confirm whether or not they have a G spot. The location, and even existence, of the G spot has been hotly contested in medical circles. While doctors know that female sexual anatomy varies substantially, until now there has been no solid evidence to link those differences to a woman’s sexual responses.

“For the first time, it is possible to determine by a simple, rapid and inexpensive method if a woman has a G spot or not,” Dr Emmanuele Jannini told New Scientist magazine. The G spot is only thought to affect a woman’s ability to have vaginal orgasms, so if women do not have one “they can still have a normal orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris,” Jannini said.” To me, this study, combined with my research illustrates that there is a distinct possibility that some women either do not have a g-spot, or that their g-spots are somehow not as pronounced as the g-spots of other women.

According to David Ramsdale and Cynthia Gentry in their book – Red Hot Tantra, “As women lost their natural, goddess-based Tantric knowledge and power, they forgot how to transmit spiritual energy through sex as a conscious, sacred art.” I can’t help thinking that the sexual repression and shame women have experienced may have manifested in physical changes to women’s bodies over an extended period of time, leading to differences in women’s sexual anatomy.

What I find deeply inspiring and wonderfully positive is that, through Tantra, sacred Sexuality, free sexual expression and exploration, and women’s group, workshops, and healing sessions, we (women) are reclaiming our sexual prowress! Contrary to popular belief, we are not necessarily deepening our sexual wisdom, knowledge and skills, we are simply remembering and awakening our inner goddess-based sexual knowledge!

What a wonderful era to be alive! If this post leaves any question, or thoughts in your mind, please, please, my doors are always open! Contact me either through a comment, or email: joy@shaktara.com

Harem Beauty: Ancient Sexual Knowledge

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  1. naturegirl1 says:

    My husband tells me my Gspot is a patch about the size of a thumbnail that becomes slightly raised and rough, much like you say “the surface of the tongue” just prior to a climax. The anterior wall of my vagina is normally smooth with a texture like wet rubber.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, mine is similar…mine is always raised and rough, I don’t notice much difference just before climax, then again, I guess I am kind of distracted during those moments:-) I have, however, noticed something similar to what your husband describes during orgasmic meditation with female clients. Oh the wonders of the female body!

      1. naturegirl1 says:

        You mention Orgasmic Meditation, that is something I have not yet encountered, what would that entail?

      2. Tantrachick says:

        I will write my afternoon post about it for you. Or maybe even my morning, but after my coffee:-)

      3. Tantrachick says:

        I am assisting a good friend in preparing for the submission of her book to Hay House Publishing, so I may have to write the joyous meditation post later tonight, but I posted the orgasmic meditation info to get you started thinking about what would work for you!

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    I look forward to reading it! In the meantime, enjoy your caffeine hit!

  3. naturegirl1 says:

    Thanks Joy, I have been looking back through some of your older posts and found some information about Tantric massage there. But your piece this afternoon has given me one of the answers I sought, mainly that I can expect some finger to genitalia contact. I have read conflicting material on the subject of Yoni massage (and orgasmic meditation), some reports state that only the labia majora are massaged, other reports suggest that the therapist will massage the clitoris and possibly insert a finger to massage the Gspot.
    Alison will no doubt run through the process with me before starting, either way, I am eager to experience this!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I think the most important thing to know is that there are no ‘recipes’ or ‘standard’ Tantric massage practices. My male massage sessions are completely non-sexual and do not involve self or practitioner genital contact. However, my practitioner boundaries are much more lenient with female clients, but the massage experience is entirely focused on the experience that best suits the intention and boundaries of the receiver/client. I sit and talk with my clients for 15-30 minutes before each massage, even if they are a returning client.

      Each session is completely unique and individualized to meet the changing and evolving needs, intentions, and boundaries of my clients. You may wish to decide ahead of time what your comfort level and personal boundaries are and verbalize them to your masseuse. Also, as the massage unfolds, your boundaries may change. You may feel even more comfortable than you originally thought, or you may find that an emotional issue comes up that redirects the flow of the session. Open communication either verbally or non-verbally are vital. If you have any additional questions, please ask away. This is my true passion in life! From my heart to yours, Joy

  4. yuanadesukma says:

    the easiest video to find the enigmatic G-spot, check this video http://yuanadesukma.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/where-is-the-female-g-spot-located/

    don’t forget to comment, thanks, ^_^

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Very thorough post, thank you for sharing. I could not watch the movie. My computer officially died, so I walked to the local library. I decided not to watch the g-spot movie here:-) I will watch it as soon as I have private computer access and will comment. I will also have to check out your blog more thoroughly. Thanks for connecting! G-Spot Joy:-)

  5. hahaha, well, nice to meet you

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