Let's Get Dirty Together


Ha! Made ya look:-) This is just a story about a woman a man and a farm…Today was another glorious sunshine daydream kind of day! I mainly took the day off from my regular ‘duties’ and connected with nature. I walked the ocean beach, wandered through my quaint little town and then headed out to the farm where my hubby works to help him out.

Although I’d love to tell you beautiful tales of me getting dirt under my fingernails, planting and weeding ’til my heart’s content. The truth is, me helping Mountain on the farm goes something like this… I show up with a piping hot mocha feeling randy and flaunting my stuff until he’s so distracted that he finally decides to pack it in early and take me out for Thai food, a glass of wine and then a fantastic shag on the car ride home before the reality of life once again takes hold:-) Sorry, that was a run on thought, which then created a run on sentence. My apologies…

I have always told my lover that while I am wholeheartedly married and committed to a farmer (organic at that), but I am definitely not a farmer’s wife. When I reiterated my sentiment to my roughian cowboy of a father, he pointed out that there’s nothing wrong with farmer’s wives! He is right, of course, so no offense meant to the wholesome, get your hands dirty kind of gal! Oh, and just to clarify, I realize there is an entire psychology book written on girl’s raised by cowboys…don’t worry, I was only spawned by a cowboy who promptly abandoned me and then claimed me as his daughter later in life.

As I mentioned, I love permaculture, however, Mountain and I are a permaculture design team. I deal with the human aspects (interior and exterior design of human habitats) while he designs the more earthy aspects (implementing the edible landscape, gardens, fruit trees, water catchment, etc.). What a glorious term, edible landscape, sounds simply delish! mmmmmm……Oh yes, I nearly forgot, I saw two incredible hawks plummeting to the ground while mating! I have seen eagles mate, but never hawks. Just as I was positive that death by impact was eminent, they parted ways, looking as graceful as ever!

Mother Earth

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