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One of my readers asked me to elaborate on the process for ‘orgasmic meditation’, which I have mentioned in numerous posts. Although similar practices have been around for likely thousands of years, I just found out that the term ‘Orgasmic Mediation’ is trademarked by Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste Community.

Although I have no personal or direct experience with the One Taste Community, I have read through the entire site and read various reviews…some positive, some negative, which is often the case with anything that is cutting edge. Because I have no personal experience with One Taste, or Nicole’s unique approach to orgasmic meditation, if you are interested in learning more about the One Taste Community, I recommend visiting their site.

My process for ‘orgasmic meditation’, which I will now refer to as ‘joyous meditation’:-), although similar to what Nicole teaches in her inspiring community is distinct in a number of ways. I will write a post this afternoon about my approach to Joyous Meditation. Once again, thank you Nature Girl for inspiring me to writing action:-)

Here is a bit more info and a video about One Taste/Orgasmic Meditation:

According to Wikipedia, “Orgasmic meditation is a term coined by Nicole Daedone that refers to a mindfulness practice she developed in which the object of meditation is finger to genital contact. “OMing” is practiced in pairs, with one practitioner gently holding and stroking the genitals of the other, and both focusing their attention on the nerve endings and fine muscle control in the stroking movement, with the stated goal of developing connective resonance between practitioners.

Although the practitioners can be of either sex, the focus of orgasmic meditation seems to be on the female orgasm through subtle and deliberate stimulation of the clitoris. Both partners, however, can presumably share in the sensation and fulfillment via a kind of “pleasure by proxy.” Proponents state that orgasmic meditation is more than just an orgasm and that it encourages greater emotional awareness, connected relationships, and sense of fulfillment in life.[5] Others describe the initial sensation as “a heady buzz, mixed with equal parts wooziness and intensity of focus.”

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