Joy connecting with Earth and Ocean


From the first photo I posted, you can’t tell that I was sitting in lush green grass on a cliff with a 25 foot drop to the ocean below. For those of you who know me, you may have heard me say that I am ‘elegant until I’m not’. Well, when Alonso (my photographer) first took me to see the spot we were going to photograph in front of, I totally did NOT notice that I was walking towards the edge of a severe drop:-) lol….I’m just walking along in a daydream… ladeedadeeda…looking up at the sky, taking in the beauty of the sun and well…Alonso saved my life:-)…I swear I would have walked directly off the cliff like Wylie Cyote if he hadn’t grabbed my arm to stop me from plunging to my demise….not only an excellent photographer, a man who rescues damsels in distress!

Anyways, after avoiding catastrophe, a bee landed on my left breast (photo to come)…this may not seem significant to you, but it was to me (story for another day). I asked Alonso to photograph the bee, which I could see Alonso clearly thought was an odd request, but he snapped a few photos of the adorable little being…who proceeded to fly from my breast onto Alonso’s hand. By his original reaction to the bee on my breast, I was thinking maybe bees aren’t Alonso’s best friend. So, trying to sound calm and soothing….I say “Alonso, would you happen to be afraid of bees?” He says “mildly”…”Oh, I say, because our little friend has landed on the pinky of your left hand.” I have to say, although it was obvious he was slightly flustered, once I gently brushed the bee away, he was calm, cool and collected.

That is what I personally LOVE about Mother Nature and her creatures…the sheer beauty of being able to connect on a deeper level….well, after 3 or more glass of wine, 4 rounds of making love, 2 official make out sessions, and incredible erotic massage, 2 candlelit baths, breakfast at a quaint mom and pop cafe, my favourite lunch, my favourite supper and completing 2 out of 6 books I am currently reading, I am ready to hit the hay…or take a roll int he hay…who knows!
so, I bid you adieu! Sweet drams lovely ladies and gents! Oh, right, the photo!

Pathway to Bliss
By the way, aparantly the marks in the cean beach sand are from gray whales! Mother Nature hols such intense beauty it nearly makes me weep…

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  1. Tantrachick says:

    dreams…i mean dreams not drams:-)

  2. Missed Out says:

    Nice bod 😉

  3. Tantrachick says:

    thank you…;)

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