Liberation: Tantric Trance


Listen to Liberation, then read Tantric Trance

Tantric Trance
by Joy

Tantric Trance

I desire you
you desire me
and so we dance
in our Tantric trance

that moves beyond
beyond body
beyond heart
beyond mind
beyond soul
beyond spirit
beyond you
beyond me
beyond us

once beyond, we find
ourselves lost
in a Tantric trance
where eros moves
through our bodies
through our hearts
through our minds
through our souls
through our spirits
through you
through me
through us

I fill you
you fill me
and so we dance
in a Tantric trance

that bonds our bodies
bonds our hearts
bonds our minds
bonds our souls
bonds our spirits
bonds you
bonds me
bonds us

we awaken
as if from a dream
filled with eros
yet beyond eros

lost in a Tantric trance
moving beyond trance
our hearts are free
our minds are free
our souls are free
our spirits are free
I am free
you are free
we are free

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