Am I A Pervert?


So, this morning I got up as usual, went pee like most folks do, walked over to the kitchen to prepare my coffee, then sat down to my computer with the intention of writing a most brilliant blog post. Instead, I sat there staring blankly at the screen…so I decided to read some other blogs for inspiration. While there are some inspiring blogs out there and I enjoyed my morning read, still nothing.

Then I looked down at the list of search terms on the dashboard of my blog page. The top search terms for today were 1: am I a pervert 2: pervert. I have to say, this caught my eye. I don’t usually look at these (I know, I likely should). So, I clicked search terms for this week and then realize I can see search terms of all time! Wow! I learn something new everyday!

To my surprise, pervert is the number 4 search term that brings people to my blog (1. Henna 2. sex Goddess 3. Shaktara 4. pervert 5. tantrachick) . So, I’m sitting here contemplating this, as I hear my bedroom door open and my hubby walks out. My computer sits on a solid pine coffee table, with a large pillow that I sit cross legged on…He looks down at me sitting here cross legged. I had originally just planned on going pee and maybe sauntering back to bed, so I had a tank on, but no pants;)

I had tied a sweater around my waist, so while sitting here, the sleeves are barely covering my lady parts;) He looks down at me, then up at the screen on my computer and says “The answer is yes!” I look up at him curiously “What?” I ask…..He says “You are definitely a pervert!” as he chuckles and walks to the kitchen to fetch his coffee. I guess the first thing is admitting it…so, there you have it folks….I am a pervert! The nicest kind:-) Welcome!

The Good Pervert

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  1. Missed Out says:

    The effect that your description of you at the computer botomless had on me would suggest I am a bit of a pervert as well…

    1. Tantrachick says:

      lol…I hadn’t thought of the visual aspect….;)

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    It would be a very perverted mind that thought the fact that you were barely dressed while working at your computer was itself a perverted act!
    I have been known to sunbathe naked (!) then just pull on a suitably long dress,say just over the knee, to go get the kids from school or go shopping. That was quite a few years ago mind! But I still occasionally don’t bother with any underwear, Phil prefers me to be braless and I sometimes find a guilty pleasure in not wearing panties!! Does that make me perverted? I don’t think so…..

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Oh, it’s so much more than what I expressed. It is a joke between my hubby and I:-) I think it is only the intention that makes one a pervert…I a not a pervert, neither are you!

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