Risk: Writing, Breath and Bravery…


I am reading this incredible book, Writing Begins With Breath….as you may have guessed, I love writing. It is most definitely one of my passions. Of course, I love writing about sex, orgasms, and the like, but there is also more to me than just a Tantra chick. I have lived. I have lost. I have been hurt. I have experienced bliss. It is the bliss I want to share, but I suppose it’s only authentic if I share at least some of the shadow moments.

I was just reading this part of the book that resonated deeply with me. In her book, Writing Begins with the Breath, the author, Laraine Herring says…

“To non-writers, personal risk in writing sounds very bizarre. After all, we’re not ice climbing or running the Colorado River in a raft made of three planks. We’re sitting down and moving our hands. Not so much risk there. But the risk of writing is an internal risk. You brave the depths of your own being and then, oh my, bring it back up for commentary by the world. Not the work of wimps.”

It was as if she was speaking directly to me, which, of course, she was. I think the above statement is even more accurate when one is writing about a taboo topic from both an external and internal perspective. I often feel as if I am standing naked and fully exposed in front of you, my glorious readers. I wonder what you’ll think of me and if you’ll ‘get me’ as I share the intimate ramblings of my mind with you. It is often scary, but I am here to stay.

With the above in mind, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those of you who take the ‘risk’ of commenting. You embody bravery and you inspire me. Thank you. For those of you who want to comment, but are afraid, take a breath, find your bravery, and just write! From my heart to yours, Joy


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  1. jeffstroud says:

    As a fellow blog writer, but not a writer in the sense of writing a book, I understand the quote that resonated with you. Each time I blog I am opening myself up, trying to show up as authentic as I can. The writing/blogging is sort of part of my morning page and my artistic discovery of who I am as a photographer.

    Risk are understandable, life is a risk when you life it at the fullest and from a place of authenticity !

    Thank you!
    Jeff Stroud

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, opening ourselves is definitely part of the blogging process! Thank you for pointing that out as well! Artistic discovery was the essence of my recent photo shoot! I agree, speaking from a place of authenticity takes bravery! Thanks for your wonderful comments. Also, I had an opportunity to view your blog this morning! Beautiful work, Jeff….with the deepest admiration, Joy

      1. jeffstroud says:

        Most grateful the you found my photography and blog to stir your admiration!


      2. Tantrachick says:

        Me too!

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