Sensual Relaxation…Erotic Hypnosis by Joy


This is a slightly modified version of the sensual relaxation I use in my Climax for Woman Audio program….enjoy!

Sensual Relaxation by Joy Nelson

Please take a moment and get yourself into a comfortable position. Now begin to focus on your breath. Your breath is one of the keys to increasing your pleasure. If possible, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. With each deep breath you take, imagine that you are breathing in radiant sexual energy and you are releasing all of the tension held in your mind and body. Allow your thoughts to simply melt away.

During your sensual relaxation, I will use a key phrase. Your key phrase will become one of the keys to unlocking your pleasure and igniting your passion. Each and every time you or your partner use your key phrase, your pleasure sensors will ignite with desire and excitement and you will feel a flood of sexual energy flowing throughout your entire body. Your key phrase is “deeper now” . Each and every time you read or hear the words “deeper now”, you will slip deeper and deeper into a state of pure pleasure and erotic ecstasy. Repeat after me: ”Deeper Now”….saying it out loud: ”Deeper Now”.

Take a moment and focus on your deep, calm, sensual breath so that you can experience a full release before moving even ‘deeper now’. Taking a deep breath in and releasing. Continue breathing deeply and take another deep breath as you go even ‘Deeper Now’, noticing that your mind and your body are moving into a state of sensual relaxation. Feeling your breath flowing in and out of your body. In and out, in and out, as you continue to focus on your deep, calm, sensual breath, freeing your mind so that you can concentrate fully on the sensations in your body.

Imagine if you would, a wonderful, swirling mist of sexual energy floating and swirling gently above your body. If it feels right for you, allow that wonderful, sexual energy to flow down through your mind, releasing fear, stress, and external thoughts. Turning your vision inwards and bringing your focus to your glorious, vibrant body. Focusing on the muscles in your face and jaw. Allowing your face and jaw to relax, soothing away tension.

Now allow your sexual energy to flow down into your neck, your shoulders, your arms, and your hands. Allowing your sexual energy to flow down into your chest. Breathing radiant energy into your lungs, your heart, and your chest. It may feel like an energy massage, healing and massaging your body from the inside out, releasing blocks to sexual satisfaction with each deep, calm, sensual breath you take.

Notice how your sexual energy flows easily into the core of your body. Rippling through the very fiber of your being. Flowing through all of your organs, your muscles, and your cells. Allowing your mind the freedom to fantasize and your body the freedom to experience pleasure as you go ‘DEEPER NOW’ into a state of arousal.

Feeling your radiant, sexual energy as it flows freely through your spine, your pelvis and allowing your sacred energy to flow into your groin, your inner thighs, and flowing freely into all of your erogenous zones, filling your body with pleasurable sensations. Maybe you even feel a warmth between your legs that you hadn’t noticed before. Maybe your body is beginning to tingle with desire as you allow your energy to flow down through your legs into the soles of your feet and into the very tips of your toes.

Feel your breath as it penetrates your body. As you continue to breath deep, calm, sensual breath, you may find that the critical voices in your head begin to fade as you focus on relaxation and the sensations in your body, completely stripping away your inhibitions, and focusing only on the tantillizing words your are reading as you relax even ‘DEEPER NOW’.

While focusing on your breath, draw your sexual energy towards your erogenous zones. While you may feel the strongest sensations between your legs, you have many erogenous zones on your body that bring you immense pleasure.

Allow your sexual energy to penetrate your erogenous zones so that you can feel sexual sensations throughout your entire body. Take a moment and think about the first moment your interest turns to intimacy or making love. If you like, you may give yourself or your partner permission to touch your erogenous zones, or any part of your body that desires to be touched.

Let’s begin with the nape of your neck. Imagine a gentle caress flowing across the nape of your neck. A sweet kiss on your neck, that moment just before the brush of lips like a flood of lightning. A hand gliding gently down your shoulder and slipping across your chest followed by a tongue caressing your erect nipples.

A lover sliding their tongue gently down your body, their hand gently caressing your inner thighs. The moment where you begin to feel your desire building. Maybe you glanced at a woman’s top and caught a glimpse of her nipple. Possibly you saw your real life or fantasy lover sitting with their legs slightly apart and fantasized about the pleasure hidden beneath their clothing.

If it feels right for you, allow your excitement to build as sensual energy ripples through your entire body. If it feels right for you, permit that to take place and allow those feelings to build. Feeling your heart beating, the tingling sensation in your body increasing, your erogenous zones may ignite with passion as your desire builds and you go even ‘DEEPER NOW’. Feel the warmth and the pleasure flowing freely throughout your entire body.

If you like, allow your sensual feelings to build and give yourself permission to embrace your sensuality and experience pleasure. Feel the surge of energy rippling through your body as you focus again on your breath, allowing these feelings to imprint themselves on your mind so that you can easily and quickly reach a heightened state of pleasure whenever you please.Only if you please.

Now, allowing your breath to calm, your sensual energy to relax, and bring yourself back into your conscious mind. Feeling deeply calm, rejuvenated, relaxed in mind, body, and spirit. Feeling connected and nurtured, grounded and centered. Noticing that the tension or stress in your body has simply vanished. Feeling deeply relaxed, yet fully energized. Knowing that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Sensual Relaxation

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  1. Joy, a wonderful exercise and very erotic to read. Although I do not have a partner I can see how these feelings that you may at any time allow to flood your whole being but would be picked up on my another with whom you have some attraction. The radiating of such a sensual and calm aura would be like the pull of a beautiful flower to a passing bee.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Very nice description…’the pull of a beautiful flower to a passing bee’…nice!

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