Silence, Words and Bliss


Thank you yuanadesukma for sharing this video on your blog. This little video not only brought tears to my eyes, it also made me think of a fond memory from my child hood. My aunt was really into yoga…my mom, not as much, but she still enjoyed taking me to some of the important events:-) Anyways, there was an incredible Yogi, Baba Hari Dass, visiting my aunt’s retreat centre, so my mom took me.

I understood all the rules. Children are to be quiet and respectful, blah blah, blah…but I was just a kid:-) So, while all the other good little boys and girls were sitting quietly at Baba Dass’s feet colouring and being deeply respectful of the silence (Baba had taken a voew of silence) in the room, I was not:-)

Aparantly, when my mom came to check on me, she walked in just in time to see me point my pretend finger gun at Baba Dass. My mother said she was so horrified that she nearly fainted:-) She said that it appeared that Baba and I were having a stand off….he was staring intently at me. She was not sure what he was expressing with his look until he suddenly drew his own ‘finger gun’ and shot me back (silently, I should add)!

She said I was a bit of a drama queen, so I dropped to the floor and died a painfully loud death, right in the middle of a silent yoga retreat:-) When I think of this memory, it always reminds me to take things in stride and find bliss in even the smallest moments life has to offer. Rather than scolding me, or my mother, Baba humoured me because I was a child and, in doing so, taught me an incredible lesson.

I hope you have a moment of pure bliss today that makes you stop and take notice. From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Great video indeed… have a nice day 🙂

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