Earth Mother


I suppose people have been referring to me as ‘earth mother’ for, well, a longtime:-) A part of the work I do is to assist people to find deeper meaning, to connect with their own inner God/Goddess, and to connect more deeply with the earth.

But, in our current rushed lives, what does it mean to ‘connect with the earth’? I suppose we each have to decide this for ourselves. For me, it means waking in the morning to the beauty of the sun (or clouds, since I am on the West Coast) and taking a moment to breathe deeply, appreciating life.

I often do the ‘sun salutation’ then enjoy a coffee while walking down to the ocean with my kids and our little dog, Nestle. We might play at the ocean for a while, stop and smell the blossoms, while taking in the beauty of each moment.

Sounds a bit like a Hallmark card:-) I am one of the lucky ones who have time to appreciate the smaller things and the less noticeable joyous moments. For those of you who lead more hectic lives, it may be quite challenging to take time to connect with yourself, your partner, your kids, or other significant people in your life, let alone the earth!

All I can tell you is that, I believe, it is vital to your health and wellness. If you absolutely cannot find the time to connect with nature, buy yourself some wild flowers and stop to smell them each time you pass them. If you can fit it in, it is wonderful to find a secluded space in nature to make love to your partner or yourself….

To feel the breeze on your body, the earth beneath you, the sun on your skin….mmmmm….those moments spent in nature are so precious and delicious. Possibly you can make a commitment to yourself to schedule time for a romantic stroll (this can be by yourself, not just with a lover or friend), a picnic outdoors, time to go skinny dipping, whatever you can find time for….it will rejuvenate you!

If you really don’t have the time…take a moment right now, imagine yourself in your favourite space in nature, a beach, a forest, by a body of water, or in a secret garden…feel your breath filling your lungs, allow your life force energy to flow, feeling it move through your body and remember, you are free! From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Tantrachick says:

    As yo may notice, I don’t wear make up…I usually wear lip gloss, but I forgot it in the car and didn’t take the time to go get it:-) Enjoy your beautiful, sensual day! Joy

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