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Okay, I did not pick the topic….I was standing here staring at the screen with not a single written word bouncing around in my head. I asked my girlfriend what I should write aobut. She said…dance. So, here we go.

I actually love dance…fun dance, freedom dance, silly dance, sensual dance, erotic dance…anything dance related. I particularly enjoy Tantric dance. I have actually been contemplating teaching Tantric dance classes to women. I have taught sensual movement and freedom dance as a part of my women’s retreats before, but was thinking it might be even more fun to have a regular group of women to dance with.

In my opinion, there is no definition for Tantric dance. What does it look like? What does it feel like? It is in both the body of the dancer and in the eye of the beholder. The idea is to find your own Shakti or Shiva within and allow your sexual energy to run through your body.

I have an erotic playlist on Itunes for this very purpose. I like to take an entire evening to connect with my lover, allowing our sexual energy to build, while teasing and seducing him…then, just as he may assume we are about to make love, I turn on the playlist, which is an automatic subconscious erotic trigger for him.

Once the music is in full swing, I allow Shakti to consume me….allow her energy to fill me and move my body to her will. It is incredibly sexually empowering to give in to your primal body. I don’t think it is as easy for most males to let go in this manner. It is somehow perceived that erotic dance is not ‘masculine’. Take it from me…it is so incredibly hot and primal to see your man move his body with confidence and rythym…mmm…delicsious! I highly recommend giving it a whirl!

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  1. Is the photo you Joy….I love to see a woman’s tummy/stomach…such a beautiful area to have in front of you. This sort of dancing is so erotic and inspiring to watch!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      No, that one is not me:-) Yes, it is incredibly sensual!!!!

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