Pleasure, and Passion


For those of you who are new to Tantra, I thought I would tell you a little bit about why I love Tantra. First off, through Tantra, I was able to release past sexual trauma, learn how to experience deeply satisfying orgasms, and open myself to my partner on a deeper level than I thought possible. For me, Tantra is about communication, connection, and well, pleasure!

Through both my personal and professional experiences, I have learned so much about myself. Something that has been intriguing as well, is learning more about the male psyche. Although men and women are equals, we do approach sexuality differently. This post is too short to go in-depth on this topic, but Tantra provides us with an opportunity to learn about the psyche of our partner.

If our partner happens to be of the opposite sex, we may learn some things we didn’t previously realize not just about our partner, but about the opposite sex. In addition, if you truly open to the process, heart connection, yab yum, soul gazing, lingam and yoni massage and honouring, you will likely learn more about yourself as well.

I am currently putting some of my focus into writing a book on this topic that will provide a basic path to bringing Tantra into your life. While I realize that there are likely hundreds of similar books, I hope that my candid approach will provide further illuminations that will meet the needs of individuals who want to explore the deeper aspects of sexuality. Well, that’s all she wrote!

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