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Ancient Secrets for Modern Passion by guest blogger, Christine Wines

I am a Tantrika, but am also a Swinger. I began having adventures in the Lifestyle (the term Swingers refer to “swinging”) shortly before I started exploring Tantra. Tantra appealed to me because of its spiritual aspect and the relevance of its precepts to everyday life. So I started reducing my participation in Lifestyle parties because the emphasis there was simply on sex — how many partners, how often, how much you could get at a given time. Now, there is nothing wrong with that — don’t misunderstand me! Sometimes having a great uncommitted sexual encounter with someone (whether a friend or a stranger) can be very liberating, fulfilling, and just plain fun! So I have continued to attend Lifestyle events from time to time, and count many of its members as good friends — both in and out of the bedroom.

So when I was invited to be a guest speaker on a Swinger Houseboat party, I jumped at the opportunity. All my Lifestyle friends know the basics about Tantra from me — I have tried in vain to get some of them to attend pujas and lectures with me. But the organizer of the boat party was interested in bringing some intellectual “class” to the event with my presentation. He advised me not to call it a Tantra Puja, so as not to scare people off. So my 60-minute interactive workshop was called “Ancient Secrets for Modern Passion”. I had about 20 participants come with varying degrees of interest. One questioned whether this was going to be “religious”, another wanted me to demonstrate how men could master their ejaculation! (I told him that was another workshop for another time!)

All in all, however, everyone participated with enthusiasm. I started with a very basic background of Tantra, Taoism, and other ancient traditions that believe a healthy sexuality is part and parcel of life — not something to be shunned, or brought out only for procreation. Then I invited the couples to imagine their entire bodies were one big sexual organ. During the exercises, nobody was to touch any genitalia whatsoever, but to feel that the part of the body being touched or the sense being activated was an erogenous zone or an actual part of the yoni or lingam. (One couple kept pushing the boundaries, I had to keep reminding them, “NO GENITAL CONTACT”. They were acutely disappointed!)

Each partner took turns being blindfolded while their mates touched them on the arms, legs, or back with a variety of massage tools, feathers, beads, furry gloves, etc. After the touching exercise, the man lovingly fed his woman a banana, and she then fed him a strawberry, each savoring the taste, the feel of the fruit, the scent, etc., not just gulping it down. Guess what they were supposed to imagine the fruit was! Then I passed out a special aphrodisiacal massage oil I blended myself and had them rub a drop or two on a soft spot such as the wrist, inner elbow, behind the ear, the neck, etc. Their mates were to gently sniff and revel in the scent, imagining it to be the scent of their mates’ organ. One man — who had become very aroused during the exercises — reported that he CLIMAXED (without any genital contact!) when he smelled the oil! WOW! Maybe I should bottle this stuff and sell it for the big bucks!

After the puja-that-wasn’t-a-puja, many of the participants told me how much they enjoyed their mini trip into the world of the Kama Sutra. Several want to be invited for the next puja I offer. So I felt pleased that I had at least introduced a tantric experience to this group of people who collect notches on their belts. (One topic for discussion among some of the women on my boat was what was the largest number of men they had f–ked at a single event! One woman’s answer was 40-something, and I was astounded.) But mindful, conscious love-making seems to be a hard-sell for this group. After my workshop, people were back to bumping & grinding and humping madly all over the boats. Business as usual. But a good time was had by all!..

Christine Wines is an incredible woman! When I asked her to explain her professional path and her motivation for her life’s work, this is how she responded:

“1) I am a Holistic Health Practitioner offering various modalities of massage and energy healing. In addition my practice includes spiritual counseling as an ordained minister and sexual healing as a dakini.

2) My motivation for all of the above is that it makes my heart sing and my soul dance and is why I came here to this lifetime.”

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Christine for blessing us with her presence!

From my heart to yours, Joy

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    1. Christine says:

      Hi Kristin. I’m not sure what your comment meant to say. “Be a square”? If you’d like to dialog about this topic, I’m happy to respond. Blessings, Christine

      1. Tantrachick says:

        I think it is a star symbol:-)

  1. naturegirl1 says:

    I am intrigued by this association between Tantra and swinging! I have never tried to hide the fact that Phil & I got into swinging between 2002 & 2008 (we stopped when the novelty wore off plus the couple who were our guides & mentors also stopped)and now I am interested in Tantra.
    Is it that Tanta followers enjoy the hedonistic aspects of Tantra? And there is little more hedonistic than swinging!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I think it is that, people who become interested in Tantra, often have a hightened interest in sex and sexuality. I should clarify that us Westerners tend to make Tantra more about sex than it is:-) It is so much more, but, for many of us, the Tantric sex aspect of Tantra teachings capture our attention. People who are comfortable with their sexuality and have a higher sexual appetite are always seeking ways to expand their sexual exploration. Swinging, bdsm, fetishes, etc. are one area. After a period of time, if swinging does not meet a person or couple’s spiritual and emotional needs, they are left longing…and then tend to find Tantra.

      I will mention your comment to Christine and see if she’d like to respond personally as well. Joy

    2. Christine says:

      Hi NatureGirl! Thanks for your comment about the Tantra/Swinging connection. From my perspective, I got into both because of sex. I was sexually unfulfilled in my marriage, so started attending Lifestyle parties. One of my lovers was so adept at giving me multiple orgasms without himself ejaculating, that I finally had to ask him, “Are you ever going to come?” He took a moment to answer, and said something like, “Mmm, I don’t think so tonight.”, to which I enquired how he could forgo the climax without damaging his sexual health. That’s when he told me about the Taoist and Tantric training in ejaculatory mastery. So I was intrigued and started reading about Tantra. Soon I was taking classes and attending pujas, and I discovered that it’s much more than sex — although Joy is correct that most Westerners get into it primarily because of the sexual aspect.

      The spiritual aspect of Tantra added the one ingredient that seemed to me to be missing from swinging. So for me, a tantra event — even if there is no explicit sexuality — is usually lots more satisfying to me than a swinger party. Although I still do attend several of those and enjoy them when I am there. But it’s a different approach, a different mindset, and I prefer Tantra.

      Please feel free to contact me if you want to carry on this discussion! Christine

      1. Tantrachick says:

        Beautifully spoken, Christine! Thank you!

      2. naturegirl1 says:

        Hi Christine,thanks for taking the time to answer. I had a slightly different route to swinging, Phil & I were (and still are!) in love, but after 20 years together we got into a rut sexually. We were looking at ways to put some spark back into the lovemaking and discovered that “sharing” led to great sex which in turn led to a new dimensions when we made love. Note that we differentiate between sex and lovemaking!
        As for the interest in Tantra, that came about in the last 18 months when I read that Tantra is an ideology that embraces female ejaculation and has done so for centuries. My interest has grown the more I look into some of the aspects of Tantra. I am still sceptical about some of the more esoteric ideas but I am taking what I like from the experiences I have had so far & ignoring what I find abit far fetched!

      3. Tantrachick says:

        I feel such inner happiness when I get to participate in these beautiful discussions! Thank you once again for sharin,g Naturegirl!!!! Also, wondering what you think of the new design this morn? You can be honest… hope you’re having a divine weekend! From my heart to yours, Joy

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    Yes, I had noticed the new theme! I think it’s great, very clear, no distractions.
    Hope life is good with you.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      thanks. As I put in my post today, I am considering shutting her down…

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