Erotic Coffee: Talking Dirty


Oh my, just by thinking aobut it, I can smell the frloral, creamy aroma with a hint of toffee and burnt sugar…The first sip tastes bright with a deep and rich aftertaste. I sense a wide range of flavors: white chocolate, berry, fresh floral. The flavours melt together while dancing on my tonuge. Oh my, it’s delicate and pleasant with virbrant complexity. Deeply satisfying. How’s your coffee?

I know, I know, it’s just coffee, but I love a steaming hot cup of organic and free trade dark to medium roasted coffee fresh ground. I often stand buck naked in the kitchen while making a cup of coffee for my man. I turn, holding the cup between my breasts, kiss him gently on the mouth and hand him his coffee, while pressing my naked body against him.

My little morning routine brings me either instant or delayed gratification. He may either take me right there in the kitchen, drag me to the bedroom, or think about my body and loving pampering throughout the day, which enhances our evening love making session.

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