Is Your Woman Deeply Satisfied?


Oh my gents, you’re not going to like what I have to say today! I read a comprehensive study today. The topic being female sexual satisfaction during partner sex. I have to say, even I was shocked! apparently, only 3% of women are deeply satisfied during partner sex! THREE PERCENT!

That means that, if you and a hundred guys are standing around shootin’ the shit, only 3 of you are deeply satisfying your mates! apparently you should be paying more attention to my Tantra tips:-) Kidding:-) I won’t kick ya when you’re down….

I have read a variety of studies. I know that Asians on average have far less sex than North Americans, not all women are able to orgasm during partner sex without clitoral stimulation, you get the idea. I know that 97% of my female clients are somewhat dissatisfied with their sex life, but I figured it was an inflated number, considering I am a Tantric sex coach who is in the business of helping people improve their sex lives.

I will have to contemplate this information and make some recommendations! I could not find the percentage for male sexual satisfaction, but I will let you know if I come across some numbers, ladies! Just some food for thought…Joy

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