Destin Gerek: Erotic Rockstar


Destin Greek: The Erotic Rockstar

Destin is one of the connections in my global sensual practitioners community on my facebook account. I am guessing we have been connected for a couple of years or so. Although we have had a few virtual exchanges and have each commented on one another’s status, writing, etc., I honestly had never really paid much attention to what Destin is all about.

Yesterday, one of his comments really stood out to me, so I dug a little to see what this guy does for a living. I was pleasantly surprised. His company, Erotic Rockstar, provides sensual training to individuals and couples. One of the programs he offers is the ‘Orgasmic Mastery Training for Men’. This rings a bell. I now remember seeing his promotional video awhile back.

After reading through his entire site, I have gained another level of respect for Destin as a cutting edge professional. In addition to the one-on-one sessions and the Orgasmic Mastery course, Destin is in the process of creating a more enlightened form of pornography to educate our society about respectful and sexually intelligent ways to pleasure women.

I have to say, I am not an advocate for porn. I personally do not watch pornography. For me, what is currently available does not intrigue or engage me in any way. In addition, before viewing any sexual graphic material, I have to feel confident that the individuals involved feel empowered by the work they are doing.

I was immediately very impressed by Destin’s description for the purpose of his sexual videos and his process for choosing individuals to participate in his films. Of his fellow female performer, Destin is seeking a woman who will “consider this to be a peak experience of your life. Something that you will be proud of.” I know there are a few other individuals who have completed similar projects, but they have never captured my attention.

One of Destin’s comments that stood out to me was: “An Erotic Rockstar loves women. This is not synonymous with An Erotic Rockstar loves to fuck women. While it’s true that if you are a lover of women, chances are you love having sex with women; simply wanting to have sex with women does not at all indicate a love for women.”

On his site, Destin goes on to describe the art of loving a woman, with a focus on true respect for women. This is where Destin really captured my attention and also my respect. I look forward to watching Destin’s project unfold and come to life. I truly wish him luck and hope that he is able to present a piece of art that possibly even exceeds the lofty goals he has set for himself and his production.

In his blog, Destin says that he receives both positive and negative feedback. That is the challenge with working in a cutting edge and/or taboo industry. ‘You cannot make all the people happy all of the time.’ So, you just have to ensure that you yourself are happy and that the individuals working with/for you share your vision. I wish Destin luck and honour his bravery to step outside the box and be himself.

I will update you when he releases his first masterpiece! That’s all she wrote…Joy

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