The Tantric Sex Recipe


Tantric Sex and beyond

Communication Before Sex Time: 1 Hour

Tantric Massage Time: 30 minutes

Foreplay Time: 30 minutes

loving touch: taking time to explore each other’s bodies
heart connecting: placing your hand on your lover’s heart with the intention of connecting with your lover
soul gazing: take time to look into each other’s eyes…the eyes truly are ‘the window to the soul’

Preparation: If you want to really knock his/her socks off, surprise your lover by tidying your love-making space, setting out candles, getting a nice massage oil, and setting up a massage area.

If you want to reach states of bliss beyond levels attainable through conventional sex, take the time to connect with your partner through communication, cuddling, massage and foreplay before you make love.

Cooking Instructions:

As mentioned above, make sure you have revved up your partner. Communicate either verbally or non-verbally with your lover to ensure that they are enjoying themselves. Open yourself to the process and try to have fun!

Note: If you are rushed for time, you can try the Tantra Quickie Recipe, but I caution you that it is nowhere near as enjoyable!

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