Pause: Sensual Moments….


Imagine if you would, that all of the tasks you have bouncing around in your brain can wait for just a moment. Just for a moment, all your needs, wants, and desires are fulfilled. Everything is as it should be. Imagine that you have closed your eyes and found yourself transported to another time and space. A time and space filled with deeply satisfying connections, moments of pure ecstasy, and true inner bliss.

Imagine waves of bliss rippling the very core of your body, through every fiber of your being. Take a moment and breathe..just breathe. Feel your breath as it flows through your body…imagine your breath carries with it freedom from within. Freedom to be your true self. Freedom to experience bliss.

Imagine if you would, awakening your life force energy. Possibly you even feel your life force energy flowing freely through your mind, body, spirit and heart. As feelings of arousal enter your body, allow them to simply be. Let go of goals and find yourself naturally transformed into a sensual moment just for you!

Gotta love three-day weekends! MmmmI I have some delicious tidbits planned! I hope you’re having a sensual day! From my heart to yours, Joy

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