Awaken Me Shakti


I want to walk into a deep forest and become lost in me…I want to feel you pulsing through the blood in my veins. As you consume me, my inner voice will become clear. You will speak to me, through me in the ways you do. I will share my body with you, allow you to teach your knowledge through me.

As we become one, I will realize that, I am not alone. All women lock Shakti within. Some of us free her and allow her to use us as vessels to carry and transfer her knowledge. I open my mind, body and spirit as a chalice of sexual knowledge. I feel Shakti dancing in my body, her energy rippling through the very fibre of my being.

I am free…free to dance, to love, to make love, to pleasure and to feel pleasure. I am goddess, hear me roar, feel me roar…feel Shakti within you, as she awakens, open your mind, body and spirit…feel her dancing in your body, her energy rippling through the very fibre of your being…

May I be free…may you be free… may we truly be free!

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  1. Preetham says:

    You are our beloved goddess, Joy:)

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Preetham

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