Everyday Sensual Relaxation: The Art of Female Orgasm


I was thinking that we all needed a good ‘ole sensual relaxation…today, for our sensual relaxation, we will focus on the beauty of female orgasm. Imagine if you would, allowing yourself to melt into the moment. Feel your breath as it enters your lungs. Feel your breath as it flows throughout your body. Imagine that your breath draws your sensual energy throughout your entire body.

While feeling your breath, focus on those delicious words; female orgasm…mmmmm…..allow your mind to explore the mystery of female orgasm. Imagine the sounds of female orgasm, the positive feelings and emotions associated with the gloriously sensual female orgasm.

Maybe you are lying on a soft blanket in front of a beautiful fire. As you watch the flames dance across her body, you can feel her arousal. You can feel her body’s natural sex response igniting each of her erogenous zones. Maybe you are able to hear the rate of her breath increase as she nears her first climax. Maybe it is her breath, or maybe it is yours that you hear…as your breath deepens, transporting you to a different time and space…

Imagine, if you would, that you understand the power of female orgasm. The beauty, the pleasure and the moments of bliss expressed through the art of female orgasm. As you allow yourself to connect with your positive feelings and memories, allow yourself to connect with your heart energy.

Allow your sexual energy to flow from your heart to your sex centre. Feel your heart Chakra open and your heart energy expanding as you allow your sexual energy to flow once again from your heart to your lingam/yoni. Feel your energy as it ripples through your body…

Now, imagine drawing your breath in through the base of your spine, up through your abdomen and allow your sexual energy to flow freely through your breath, into your lungs and express your sexual energy through your heart Chakra.

Mmmm…yes, now continue breathing while focusing on the sounds associated with climax…the sensations associated with orgasm…so divine, so wonderful, so freeing…yes, now take another deep breath in and focus on drawing your sexual energy in through the base of your spine and out through your heart…

If it feels right for you, calm your breath, feel your energy, and take a few moments just for you. This is your time to simply be one with your heart energy and your sexual energy. As you release your breath, you feel the deep connection between your heart energy and your sexual energy…ahhhh….ohhhhh…..yesssss……

You are free…in your mind or out loud say it with me: I AM FREE! So you see yourself, so you become….FREE!

 It may take me a bit to get the hang of writing relaxations rather than speaking them…I am used to being lost in my own trance as words come through my voice…I will have to focus on allowing words to come through my writing rather than my voice; or invest in a proper recorder and podcast our sensual relaxations! Thoughts or opinions anyone? Sweet dreams, see you in the morn, Joy

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  1. Ruby says:

    Oh YES Please!!! Podcasts!! Podcasts! I would love that….the writing you do, is incredible, but I know the sound of your voice speaking these words, would be so much more powerful! That way one could actually be following your words while laying in front of a fire on a soft blanket….guided mediational orgasms anyone?

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Lol, which I never type unles I am truly laughing our loud. I totally agree, I think the meaning is somewhat lost…Also, what I was attempting to explain is that, when I am typing, I am using my conscious mind, but when I am speaking these relaxations, I am using my subconscious mind, big dif! Thanks again Ruby for speaking your mind and letting me know what works! Muwah! Joy

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    I now have this image of you recording your podcast, the sounds of heavy breathing, moans and all! Thank you for cheering me up, God knows I needed it.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, i think it would be fun. Don’t hold your breath, however, I don’t yet have the equipment, but I will work on it! sorry to hear you needed cheering up, but glad to know I could help in any small way! From my heart to yours, Joy

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