Just a Glimpse: Woman to Woman Tantric Massage


She walks through the door, eyes cast down, body language slightly guarded. She does not know what to expect. She is wondering what she has gotten herself into. She looks into my eyes and I can see her whole body responding to me. She removes her shoes as I guide her to a meditation cushion…

I serve her tea and strawberries…I know they are her favourite, I have done my homework well. I click play on my sound system and Deva Primal brings the studio to life. I slowly light the long, slender red candles. My intention for her; that she receives what she desires from our session.

We chat for a while and I learn more about her sexual history, her current emotional state and her intention for our session together. She wants to experience an orgasm. I feel a gentle sadness wash over me briefly as I contemplate how many years she has walked the earth without feeling the glorious inner beauty of orgasm…

I let her know that, when she is ready, she can step behind the Japanese screen, remove her clothes and wrap a sarong around her body so that we may begin, but I assure her that today we have all the time in the world. I see a flash of fear; no, excitement in her eyes. Yes, it’s definitely excitement, the fear has vanished like a flash fire.

She emerges from behind the screen, shedding her clothes has transformed her. She walks with a subtle confidence towards me. We sit once again, this time in silence. I hold a candle between us; we are both in the lotus position; we stare into the candle for a few moments.

I place the candle on the mantel and we look into each other’s eyes with the deepest admiration and the utmost respect. We see through each other; beyond bodies. I place my hand on the centre of her chest between her breasts…she does the same to me.

Our heart energy begins to flow, I see her lips open slightly…she is enjoying herself, her beauty is radiant now that she is more relaxed. She leans towards me and whispers into my ear “I am ready now, thank you for your patience.” I nod, we stand and I lead her to the massage table. I tell her she can be fully nude, or keep the lower half of her body covered.

She lies face down with the sarong placed lightly across her buttocks. I take the warm, organic tea seed oil that is lightly scented with Jasmine and begin dripping it onto her spine. She lets out a deep breath and our journey begins…. 

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  1. naturegirl1 says:

    Well, I know what comes next, but it would be nice if you completed this piece anyway!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Well, I am currently writing memoirs, so I need to save something for the book! Also, I have gotten permission from each individual I speak of to use their stories without identifiying particulars. Interestingly enough, most of my cleints were okay with having their stories in my book, but not as much so on my blog. I think it’s because a blog is so accessible, whereas for the majority of people, a book is, well, more of a comittment. Yes, I could have sent people to your blog on this one if they wanted to hear more!

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