Oh my…the art of passion and sensual writing…

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I just finished reading the book, The Lost Diary of Don Juan by Douglas Carlton Abrams. It is simply brilliant! I love the way he expresses Don Juan’s approach to making love with a woman. Not only that, but his style of sensual writing is divine…

An example to stimulate your inner passion: “To know a mature woman is to know more than her body. It is to know the foundation of her need and the hungers that drive her. It is to know her secrets and the hungers that drive her…….”

Abrams continues… “A woman can dance and fight long after a man, so he must never try to overpower her desire. He cannot. A woman’s passion is nothing less than the sea that tosses a man’s ship, and to weather the storm he must us skill and humility to ride her waves, having given up his own course and dragged down his sails, letting the sea take him where it will.

For a sailor who knows that there is nothing to fear, this is the greatest adventure of life, as he lashes himself to the mast. Knowing that his surrender is his strength and the chance for his redemption.”

This is but one tidbit of the more tame, yet profound descriptions of a man and woman making love. His use of language moves my soul and ignites my inner passion. It is a gentle reminder to me of the importance of not only writing, but reading books that ignite my passion. Through reading the work of others, I allow myself to be free…..to lose myself in a sensual moment…..mmmmmmm 

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  1. david jones says:

    why is it always with the superiority of women?…her passion is the sea and his is a mud puddle?…meh, i’ll pass on this sexist tome…

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hello David,

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I think that, if you were to dig deeper into my writing, you may be somewhat surprised at how balanced it is. In fact, I did a whole series on lingam worhsipping and I fully honor males and females as sexual equals. In this particular passage in fact, I was honoring the beauty of the language. In additional, I was quoting from a book, not necessarily expressing my own feelings or thoughts.

      Regardless, I apologize if I misrepresented my view point to you by highlighting the messages in this book. You definitely have a keen eye for picking up on intention, as I had not really seen this passage from your point of view. Mind you, by this point in the book (I just finished reading it right before I posted) I was totally caught up in the story and the characters.

      After looking at it from your perspective, I can see how it may have offended you. What the media has most recently done to males is despicable, but I think the intention of this text is to highlight some ancient beliefs around females as sexual teachers. It is not meant to downplay the male in the exchange, rather highlight the different rols we play.

      From my heart to yours with the utmost respect, Joy

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