Hippie Chick with a Wild Look in Her Eyes…the aha moment!


So, as some of you know, I moved to Washington from Salt Spring Island..if you don’t know anything about SSI, I’ll give you the low down…Salt Spring is a gypsy or hippie paradise with clothing optional beaches, free-spirited and open-minded folk who embrace community.

Now, I am totally not knocking Washington state, just making some observations about my own little piece of paradise. I had noticed that I didn’t seem to quite fit in. Integrating into the community has been a slow process.

Today, however, I had my first play date! I met the woman in town and we seemed to groove…so she pops over today, I’m wearing my army green tank with no bra; my always standing at attention nipples obvious under the thin cotton of my tank, my hair in a wild state of disarray and a couple of tattoos peeking out here and there.

I have my goddess statues, nude art, and my personal book shelf with a hundred or so books on anything from sex to witchcraft, some pagan books, books about birth, the art of passion, Don Juan, ‘How to open your own adult boutique’…you get the picture.

As she walks in the front living room, I can see her taking in my space. She looks to my nude Goddess statue with her abundant, ever-pregnant belly…then to my book shelf…I can see her scanning the titles…She likely smells my sandalwood incence…it is clear she is not at home in my oh so earth mother space…

Our play date was short-lived. We did not connect. We had less in common than an ant and an eagle. This evening my hubby and I were talking about my inability to bond with the ‘locals’. I said, well, maybe I need to try to blend in a little…

My husband laughed out loud. I was not entirely impressed. He says “babe, it’s in your eyes.” I looked at him with that ‘look’…you know the one. He opens a copy of our book ‘Gypsies’ and opens it to this intense picture of a ‘gypsy’ with her hands on her hips.

He says “Do you see the wild and fire in her eyes?” I had an aha! moment….I cannot hide that which resides in the window to my soul…so, I’ll have to sit and wait patiently for my sister to come visit in 2 weeks, my best friend who is coming for part of the summer and my husband’s cousin’s family, aka ‘the Strange Family Circus and hope that my country girl charm finally sparks some kindred spirit’s interest…

Oh my, lower land prices, but higher soul prices…what’s a gal to do? It ain’t easy bein’ green! However, I’d prefer be green than, well, false, shut off, or the worst case scenario, living without passion! So, I suppose I’ll settle for green and just enjoy the ocean and other charming aspects of my new community!

Just curious; how do you balance the dance between your different masks?  

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  1. naturegirl1 says:

    Whereabouts in Washington State do you now live? Anywhere near Seattle? Bellevue to be more precise?

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    When I split from my first husband, I went and spent 6 months with an Aunt who lived in Belleview. She was a landscape artist and took me to various places on Puget Sound as well as up into the Cascades. I may well have visited Camano!! This was back in late 1981…..

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes, it’s beautiful here…I just need to take some time to adjust to the different culture:-) I hear there are some amazing hot springs nearby. We are going to check them out over the next few weeks…Hope all is well…J

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