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I am in the process of creating a ‘tantra bootcamp’. It is a virtual 3 week program that I am offering free to all Tantrachick subscribers. I have the vision for this project, the material and a basic outline, but, I plan on creating an individualized program based on the needs, desires and intention of the group as a whole, so I ask that you simply come with an open mind and an open heart.

I am screening participants to make sure that their motivation for participating in the tantra bootcamp is in line with the purpose, which is to come together as a virtual community to explore and learn about the arts of sacred sexuality, passion and Tantra.

I will guide the process, but there will be a certain level of commitment required of you. I ask that each person uses a ‘pseudo/user name’ to make sure that confidentiality is maintained. I must know your full name (first and last) and have your pertinent contact information to ensure that each participant is over the age of 18. I will maintain the highest level of confidentiality and your email and info will not be used for commercial purposes.

I am setting up a closed facebook group, a forum, a website and a micro blog for the bootcamp. The forum and parts of the site will be closed to the public and only accessed by the group, but the blog will be public.

I am accepting a maximum of 12 participants. I will post a link to the site by mid-week and plan to begin on July 15th. If you wish to be considered as a participant in the ‘Tantra Bootcamp’, please fill out the following form asap. You must currently be subscribed to this blog to be considered.

I anticipate growth, transformation and sensual awakening! From my heart to yours, Joy


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  1. Ruby says:

    Filed out the form! cannot wait to start!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      YAY! I am also really excited. It is a totally different approach for me, as I am used to in=person sessions, but I am really excited to try this appraoch! From my heart to yours, Joy

    2. Tantrachick says:

      Ruby, for some reason I did not receive your form! I filled it out myself to see if the information would come through, which it did. sorry for the inconvenience, but could you please re-submit? I know enough about your motivation just from our interections to approve your space, but I want to add your info to my file. Thanks so much! Muwah! Joy

  2. Anita says:

    Looking forward to being a part of this community and in exploring this from an experiential and not theoretical place. I have followed your blog for some time now and lived in Seattle for many years. I was moved by your post today about the couple you worked with. I just watched the movie “Bliss” with Terence Stamp and was in tears. I know this is the next step in my spiritual journey. Wish I was up there in Seattle again to work with you independently. Perhaps one day soon…


    1. Tantrachick says:

      Namaste, I am so pleased that you are enjoying the blog! Bliss is so beautiful. Thank you…I suppose I have been holding back somewhat. My work. although becoming more widely accepted, is still unconventional:-) I am offering the virtual ‘Tantra Bootcamp’. It is entirely online. It starts on July 15th and runs for 3 weeks. It is intended to provide additional support for readers who truly want to dive in, learn more and possibly explore incorporating Tantra into their lives and their sex lives. It is entirely free!

      My practice is called Shaktara Healing Arts, but I chose to use an easier to remember name for the upcoming virtual classes, but don’t let that scare you off!’ Thank you for your warm and heartfelt comments and for sharing a snippit of your journey with us! From my heart to yours, Joy

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