Sex – a poem: Fly With Me by Lily Chambers

Tantric Sex and beyond

Fly With Me

Walk with me
through the mist
in the waterfall
of lust
of eros
of sex…

I will guide you
you will guide me
we will make music
filled with eros
and lust

See into my eyes
my soul
feel my body
hear my cries
of bliss
taste my nectar
connect with
my spirit

As I

See into your eyes
your soul
feel your body
hear your cries
of bliss
taste your nectar
connect with
your spirit

Whether for a day
for a week
for a month
or for a lifetime

Together we will
climb mountains
walk in the valley
of sex and spirit
dive from cliffs
beyond sex
beyond lust
beyond pursuit
beyond fucking
we will take flight
fly with me….

Lily Chambers 2011

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