Rejuvenating effects of nature and nudity!


We got back from our weekend getaway last night just before midnight! What a glorious weekend! If you haven’t been to Cougar Hot Springs, you are seriously missing out!

We drove into the enchanted Oregon forest, seeing various creature scatter in response to the intrusion of our headlights. There was a mystical fog floating in tha air as we climbed to higher and higher elevations.

When we arrived at the campsite, our dear old friends awoke briefly to greet us, then we bedded down in the back of our van on our fluffy feather duvet with the warmth of our naked bodies in our double sleeping bag.

The next morning brought with it an abundance of sun, which was much needed! We hiked our way into the hot springs and were greeted with a beautiful mix of people in different states of dress and undress..

We dipped into the hottest pool at the top, which looked down over the other pools. My lover and his life long friend began serenading everyone with the beauty of their Native American love flutes as I floated in the beautiful hot water.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a tiny trickle of ice cool spring water running through one of the caves…the contrast between my body being immersed in hot water and the cool spray of mist from the cold spring was divine!

We finished the weekend with good weather, good friends, good food and blissful love-making sessions. On Sunday morning, my man was brave enough to leap buck naked into the ice cold lake…I took my time, letting the afternoon sun heat my body before taking the plunge mid afternoon…

What a gloriously freeing experience it is going to natural spaces where clothing is optional! Well, time for a soak in the tub a good book and maybe a nap to catch up on sleep!  

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