The Butterfly Effect Success: Phalates/Phthalates in Sex Toys

District 202's Sex Toy Ring Toss!
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Wow! I am so excited to share this little bit of info with you. While living on Salt Spring, I decided that, since there were no sex toy stores, I would become a passion parties rep. Add to that, the fact that one of their team leaders, Dawn Martinez, was relentless in her efforts to secure me as one of her consultants, I became a Passion Parties Consultant.

During one of my first few parties, a good friend of mine attended. My friend is also a herbalist. As we were trying to keep the energy light, sexy and fun, she was reading the ingredients list on the ointments, lubes and oils….Then she got into talking about the health concerns related to Phalates in sex toys…It was not only a bummer for the guests, it was also not such a positive selling point!

I must admit that, at first I was a tad irritated with her for ruining my party and stomping out any potential sales. However, as I began doing my own research, I found myself realizing that selling sex toys with carcinogenic ingredients was not something I could do. One of my core guidelines is that anything I do to earn money is ‘right livelihood’.

I felt a responsibility to make sure that the Passion Party founder knew about the potential health risks related to phalates in sex toys, so I submitted a research report to the Canadian headquarters for Passion Parties. Dawn, my team leader was incredibly concerned herself and was dedicated to making sure the right person read the report.

I ended up deciding that, because of the health related risks for my potential clients, I could not continue as a PP party consultant. After sending the report, I honestly put it out of my mind and moved on. Then, the other day, Dawn emailed me…this is s snippit of her email:

“Back when you started with us and we had the phthalates problem

corp decided to make all the products phthalateFREE!

They made the change because of you I would love to have u back!”

I must admit, I was completely shocked! The effects of phthalates/phalates on humans, animals and our planet is dreadful…I honestly never thought that my small action would create such a huge shift! My friend, who is also an author, recently said that words are more powerful than the sword…I now understand what she meant!

Because this is not a post about the health hazards of phalates (also spelled phthalates) in sex toys, I won’t get to deep into the topic, but for those of you desiring a safer sex toy choice, I highly recommend spending the extra few bucks on a pure silicone sex toy! Just my two cents, Joy

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