Sisters: Genetics, G-Spots and the hmm factor!


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So, my sister has been here for a lovely weekend filled with bio-luminescence, good food and colorful conversation. My sis and I, while being absolute best friends beyond what the average sisters achieve, are also totally opposite. She is the older sister, though I think I am, she runs a home daycare – I am a sex coach and Tantra educator…you get the picture.

Although we share the same bio father, we were not raised together. She was raised by an older, more conservative couple, while I was mainly raised by my laid back, long-haired hippie mamma (who, although being a part of the free love era refuses to talk about sex or birth), one shotty adopted dad and then the final wonderfully supportive step-dad.

My sister finds my work completely fascinating and her British husband, who also happens to be a teacher and a scientist, after many years of tollerating my work, has finally warmed up to being included in our sisterly sex discussions.

So, last night, while my sister and I were flipping through Dita Von Tesse’s book, which includes a series of really awesome fetish pictures, the illusive g-spot entered our conversation.

When my sister needed to learn how to have an orgasm through penetration without clitoral stimulation, I was the so excited to get out my drawings and diagrams eagerly waiting to hear about her success as she worked through my Climax for Women program.

I am the one my sis late night dials if her and her man are having issues figuring out a new sex position or are thinking about incorporating something fresh and new into their sex life.

I can’t believe, all these years later, that the topic of g-spots has never come up!!! What a shotty little sister am I? Keeping all the juicy g-spot orgasms to myself! So, with her husband attempting to be as silent and ‘fly on the wall’ as possible, I taught her (verbally of course) about her g-spot.

This is what came up in our conversation. If there truly are a percentage of women who, according to their ultra sound results, do not have g-spots…is it genetics, environmental factors, or a combination of the two that causes this physiological difference in women?

My sister is hilarious. She says, you got the tall and skinny genes and the green eye gene, this I can deal with, but I better have a g-spot, dammit! I am patiently waiting for her to awake this morning to hear whether or not she is blessed with this most glorious g-spot!

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the g-spot dilemma, one would think that a woman in her early forties would just innately know whether or not she has a g-spot and certainly she would know how to locate her own g-spot, right? However, sadly enough, this is not generally the case.

It nearly breaks me heart to think of it, but many women go to their grave without discovering the beauty of the full-bodied, juicy as all get out, rock and shake your world, curl your toes oh my g-spot orgasm possibilities. I suppose I’ll leave the male g-spot discussion for our next visit! Baby steps, but I couldn’t help myself, I told my sister to remember to “Just ask Joy!”

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