Ladies: Shed Your Clothing and Your Ego at the Door Please!

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I have found my new favourite destination…Olympus Spa for women! Oh my, when you arrive, you shed your clothing, which is replaced with just your skin in some spaces or a slight cotton robe in others. It is so interesting how shedding your clothing frees the spiritas your ego simply melts away!

What a brilliant idea! It was so interesting to be in a space with a large group of nude women who appeared to not only shed their clothing along with their status! There was something so natural and beautiful about the experience. It was truly healing, not just because of the intense pampering. No, it was the magic of heat, water and nudity combined….

I am sold! I see this type of spa environment as the new Red Tent…what was so brilliant was the focus on women’s health. The mugwort water soak was so healing… For those of you who haven’t treated yourself to a day of bliss, it doesn’t have to be a spa, but self-care is so important to a healthy sex life!

My sis and I arrived home to our men and children feeling rejuvenated, sexy and filled with passion! We shared a wonderful meal, a few drinks and danced into the wee hours of the morn to my ‘stripper playlist’! How awesome is that?

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  1. naturegirl1 says:

    Do you know?….I’ve never been to a girls only spa! Phil & I always went to the Relaxation Centre in Bristol together, they had nude sessions all day Sunday(couples only) and nude mixed sessions on Mondays, but the ladies only sessions on Thursdays and Fridays were not convenient for me. Maybe I will have to reconsider, you seem to make a ladies session sound like fun!
    BTW, the Red Tent: one of my favourite books!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      OooooOOOOhhhh also love the red tent! I read it to my girls… Yes, i loved it! There was a silent non-verbal comfort that I found delicious! Eating Thai food in a loosely tied housecoat with barefeet and a relaxed body was also yummy!

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