The Sacred Dance of Shakti and Shiva

Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

As he sleeps, I watch his chest moving with the life that takes the form of breath.
His sexual energy so filled with bliss I can sense it from here.
Even without his touch, I feel him on me, about me, within me.

As I move towards him, I know his consciousness is aware of my presence.
I allow my warm breath to flow across his chest, his nipples and his abdomen.
I work my way down his body, honoring his most beautiful form.

It is hard to hold back as my tongue longs to feel him, my mouth longs to taste him.
My body continues to react to his primal energy, as I prepare myself for him.
I cup my hands over his lingam; he awakens now.

His lingam rises to greet me, climbing closer and closer to my welcoming cave.
I close my eyes and honor the symbol of my lovers’ manhood.
His eyes open; he stares into the depths of my soul and I into his.

We begin to dance our dance together once again.
Each time new, fresh and filled with bliss and passion.
I will rock my body to his waves of pleasure and he to mine.

When we dance together like this we remain separate
yet our connection moves beyond oneness… I as his Shakti and he as my Shiva

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