Kama Sutra Sex Position: Widely Open

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Last night during a delicious and most blissful love-making session, my lover and I merged into one of my favourite sex positions from the Kama Sutra, Widely Open. It is a position that works better for individuals without knee issues, as it can put a mild amount of strain on both partner’s knees.

Gents: after 30-40 minutes of foreplay or massage, when your lover is fully engaged and feeling open to penetration…position yourself in a kneeling or lotus position with your lover laying on her back in front of you…then have her shift her bum in the air so that her yoni is in line with your lingam…and she can wrap her legs comfortably around you wast so that her feet are connecting behind your back. Once you are positioned correctly, you can gently insert your lingam into her…I recommend prodding the opening to her yoni before penetrating her fully…it feels oh so good!

Now pay careful attention to both her breath and her body language to see if the position is feeling good for her. If you are in lotus, she will need to move her hips, but if you are on your knees, you should be able to fully penetrate your lover in a most delicious manner.

As things intensify, you may want to lean towards your lover and massage her breasts…especially if breast stimulation is something that she enjoys…As you both near climax, slow your movement and breathe together as you flow into orgasmic bliss. You can then place your hand on her heart chakra to increase the level of intimacy and connection between you…

Enjoy! I know I did!

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