Video: White Tigress by Kamala Devi


I do not personally know Kamala Devi, but I have had a few heart felt exchanges with her over the past couple of years through our facebook connection. Although I always enjoy her comments and updates, I have honestly never dug deeper to understand her sacred path.

Her recent posts about the Sacred Slut show and various other creative ventures she is undertaking peaked my curiousity...I was so pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Although my approach and my boundaries are quite different than Kamala's, her work resonates with me...and I am deeply and truly inspired, not only by Kamala's work, but her openness and her bravery. Kamala is a beacon of light shining from a sacred candle...

If you truly wish to understand on a deeper level, how one may heal through an intimate Tantric session with a skilled and experienced sacred practitioner, Kamala's video: White tigress is a must see..take a glimpse... and see for yourself!

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