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A nail sticking out from a block of wood.
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Okay, so, for those of you who read this blog regularly…you may know that I have loads of company, tonnes of kids AND I am in the middle of a beautifully challenging and intense Tantra Bootcamp!

So, my Tantra creative well is, well, to be honest, running a little low! One of my visitors is my hubby’s cousin, the Dr. Reverend Stephen Strange of the Strange Family Circus…he is divinely creative, incredibly charismatic and capable of deep insights.

I asked him if he had any blog topic suggestions for me…he pondered my request for a few moments and then began telling me about his wood penetration accomplishment…He described how he had watched a video of a monk who takes a nail in the palm of his hand and with grace and speed, penetrates a board of wood with the nail..seemingly without hurting himself.

He is telling his story and I am thinking…mhm…he doesn’t quite get the Tantrachick theme me thinks. However…his story took a detour and he expressed a beautiful sentiment. He said that, when he first saw this incredible achievement…driving a nail through a piece of wood with one’s bare hand…he knew he not only must do it, but that he had the strength within to be successful.

At first, while he was attempting this challenging and potentially dangerous task, he visualized the board and therefore was able to drive the nail into the surface of the bard, but not all the way through, which was his goal–to fully and completely penetrate a piece of wood.

As he continued…he found himself focusing on his internal power and energy as he visualized driving the nail through the board, thus penetrating the wood entirely. So, I’m sitting here thinking…yeah, okay…you penetrated wood with a nail…is this supposed to be erotic or something?

I should have had more faith in him. He said…if one sets the goal at penetration during sex, then one will spill over into orgasm, which ends the experience. However, if we focus on pleasure, fulfillment and ecstasy as our intention or ‘goal’ then that is where we will put our energy. Hmmm…makes sense!  

In case you were wondering, yes, he mastered the penetration of wood with only a nail and his bare hand! Just goes to show the power of our mind and energy working together!

The bottom line: visualize what you desire…communicate with your lover and create your intention…then let go and allow your fluid movement, sexual energy and deep passion to flow from your body…mmmm delicious!

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  1. Ruby says:

    What an excellent insight! Like anyone who has had to do body mastery work, ie: ballet, martial arts, juggling,etc etc they have the experience of being totally focused and totally immersed in what their bodies are doing….it is not surprising then that he was able to understand the parallels to what we do when we are connected to our bodies and to the bodies and minds of our partners…
    Hope you have a wonderful visit!.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Abolutely! He has to have an incredible amount of focus…I posted his fire eating show, but not his glass show he did for us, which takes even more body–mind focus…It was amazing to listen to his story and hear him go through his thoughts and reflect as he switched his focus to sexuality and sexual connection! During his show, he and his wife perform together…she swallos razor blades and plays a support role, while he juggles, gets shot, walks on glass, blows fire and performs really complex magic tricks! I enjoyed hearing his thoughts, considering how much he has had to wokr on body–mind control…We are having a wonderful visit, thank you!…our evening ended last night with Stephen making ‘farting puddy’ for the kids and then, as he was outside and I was chatting with you, a 6 child toothpaste fight broke out! The kids are having a blast, as are we!

  2. jeffstroud says:


    Great metaphor! I am glad you took the opportunity to indulge in the wisdom and insight of the others around you!
    As I read this the word penetrate kept ringing in my head. I knew something was there… Yet the idea of mind over matter, that we can practice our being presence to our intention, causing the pleasure of the moment to linger, to move beyond such moments, when we can penetrate deeper and fuller without ever entering the body. Yet with conscious breathing, lingering touching, constant shifting of purpose, being aware of the sensations one would or could break through to the other side!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Yes, I agree…a wonderful metaphor! Why thank you! I think that’s one of the challenges for folks who attend my in person and online workshops…I expect them to contribute their own knowledge, experience and peer feedback…Stepehn and I were discussing this last night…he said that maybe the group partici[pants want me to take more control and take on a stronger leadership role…I agree that this is often the case, but I refuse to do so!

      The reason being that, in the long run, once everyone finds their inner strength and realizes that they have something valid to offer…the group takes the whole experience to higher levels than I can possibly take it to on my own…it’s beautiful also, to watch people emerge from their shells and open to greatness!

      Absolutely! I love the way you expressed that sentiment, Jeff! My lover and I often agree to ‘connect’ which means making out, chatting, enjoying each others’ bodies and going with the flow, while taking penetrative sex off the table. It is interesting where this journey takes us….it is not better or worse than making love through penetrative sex, it is just diffeent…If you think about it…often times while dating, especially in the beginning…coupld make out without having sex….but once we are in a long term relationship, there is somehow an expectation that each and every time we make out, we also have sex…some of the magic can be lost with this my humble opinion…

      I love breaking on through to the other side using a variety of tools and techniques!

  3. jeffstroud says:

    I wanted to share this with you it is a question Jeff Brown is asking…

    Whenever I fell in love in 7 seconds, I was sure I was seeing the soul. And then the stuff came- the defences, habits, patterns. And then it was like, wait a minute, how do we get back to the soul? Where did the real person go? Why can’t we just live in this bliss forever? And then it was like, wait a minute-whose the real person, the one we meet in the triggers, or the one we fall in love with? When is love REAL?

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hey Jeff, I created a post in response to this question on Tantra Bootcamp: There are many things I will comment on or contribute to, but not speak definitively as an ‘authority’ on the subject. I must say that, my own relationship has been through the ringer or even to hell and back..not so much Mountain and I, but we have faced some freakin’ incredible tests and challenges..really serious ones…however, through all of this , we have managed to make love, communicate, work together and face things with a sense of faith in our ability to survive anything. I sometimes wonder if the universe has felt challenged by us..then throwing as many tests as possible our way…

      So, I did a free-writing exercise on the topic and put it in the form of a post…I’d love to hear your thoughts! From my heart to yours, Joy

      1. jeffstroud says:


        I just read your response to my post/comment, thank you! I will respond in due time. I would not open such a door without making some comments.

      2. Tantrachick says:

        No worries…I didn’t realize it, but aparantly it is something I have a strong opinion about:-) I await your most wise comments:-) Caroline started a discussion about this in Tantra Bootcamp…it might be nice if you comment there! From my heart to yours, Joy

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