Transform IT! NOW!

Image by Paolo Margari via Flickr

Whatever IT is for you…figure out what IT is and transform IT right this second! Okay, maybe not in one second, but take the first step immediately…what am I talking about? Well, I suppose that’s entirely up to you…

What are you struggling with? Possibly you’re struggle with loving yourself unconditionally…maybe you struggle with expressing yourself, with finding pleasure in your body, or MAYBE…just maybe…you find yourself feeling passionless…Not even sure passionless is a word, but if it isn’t, it should be!

So, what I want you to do is this…take a moment..if not right now, you have to ask yourself why not right now? Are you simply avoiding, or do you feel the need to truly dedicate yourself to this process wholeheartedly and therefore you want to wait until a time when you have more focus…

Be brutally honest with yourself, because I have nothing to lose, this is all about you! If you are just putting off transformation, forget that! Transform NOW! All I’m asking you to do is find the one thing that has been dragging you down…one negative feeling or emotion that’s been bouncing around in your head, or something you have been putting opening up to receiving pleasure..

If your challenge is a negative feeling or emotion..simply decide what you’d like to replace the negative emotion or feeling with and then begin focusing on the positive replacement emotion or feeling. Once you have chosen the positive feeling or emotion allow the positive energy to flow into your life…and if it’s a pleasure issue…take it from a highly pleasured woman…open to receiving pleasure right frickin’ NOW! Mmmmmm…yes! Oh, fine, receive pleasure, but in a safe and trustworthy relationship, which includes self-pleasuring….that’s all she wrote!

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